Lazy days’ of Summer

Just wanting to post a couple of pictures of my darling littles and what they have been doing this summer and of course the clothes that I enjoy sewing for them. I first want everyone to see how big the little guy is getting, I have a feeling he is going to be a buffalo in a few months. I don’t sew for him yet, and it is also hard to find a pattern that I like. Does anyone have any cute ideas for little guys?

june 2013 068Holy-Moley he is looking like my hubby, isn’t it funny how you could look at a baby and see this person or that person in them? That is our little guy Julian. The little girls have been busy as you can see by the next picture.

june 2013 092june 2013 094Yes they are pulling all the petals off of my rambling roses they proceed to throw them in their pool or their sand box or mix them in a bucket of water and sand to make potions. It has been about 2 weeks since this picture was taken and they have managed to pluck all of the petals off faster than a swarm of Japanese beetles! They are just so darn cute though and it really is hard to say no to them (maybe they are going to be scientists and this silliness is just the beginning of all those experiments that they will be doing or maybe they will be vintners and are practicing picking grapes heehee). All in all they are having fun and keeping busy! Now to the dresses the younger one is wearing  a dress I made for her birthday, the fabric had nursery rhymes on it and I used Simplicity 9784. The older one is wearing fabric that has Little Red Ridinghood on it, I picked it up at Jo-Anne Fabric, so sweet for a little girl with an obsession for Little Red. I used Simplicity 1793, don’t you love the back?

june 2013 049Here is  the front, I feel that I should have embellished the front of the bodice just a wee bit more, maybe the next time I sew with this pattern again. She is such a picture ham!


Carnival Dresses

My Daughter and Son-in- law took their sweet little girls to the our hometown carnival, so you know what their Mimi had to do? Yep, I had to make them carnival dresses, can’t go to a carnival unless you are wearing a carnival dress. I absolutely love the way they turned out, my daughter said even the carnival workers thought they were cute.

june 2013 043[1]My sweet little Velly is looking chic in her outfit, the pattern was from Simplicity 9784 and I had gotten the fabric from Warm Biscuits (they have the cutest retro material and other fun vintage finds).I had been waiting for this fabric to go on sale and finally that great day came, I should have ordered more fabric just in case they want a dress in a few years.

june 2013 049[1]This is her apron that I had embroidered, turned out very sweet and girly.

Gianna’s dress was made from Simplicity 1793, very easy peasy pattern to make unless you don’t care about working with zippers.

june 2013 042[1]Those 2 girls just melt my heart, I am so lucky to be their Mimi and to call them my Littles. june 2013 050[1]Here is Gianna’s apron, it is the little embellishments that set the whole dress off, I also must confess that I have a penchant for aprons and making little girls look like little girls. As I look at this picture I can see the “baby chubbiness” is melting away and her little arms don’t look like chubby caterpillars anymore. So sad! I hope mine starts melting soon, heehee.

june 2013 053[1]My beautiful daughter with her own beautiful daughters. I must admit, hubby and I are very bias when it comes to the girls in our life.

june 2013 055[1]Time to say goodbye and hope you enjoyed this post and it will inspire you to sew your own sweet carnival dress for that special little in your life.


Junk Finds or Shabby Chic Treasures?

DSC00767 DSC00769

I went garage sailing this weekend and picked up on a few wonderful buys, they are wonderful to me but my hubby see’s the word “work.” Why can’t men just see the potential of an item before they say anything? Whenever I go to a sale I always have a vision of what I want and what I could turn the item into. I have been wanting an old china cabinet for the longest time and if you see them redone they are asking for a pretty penny. I found this cabinet for $15.00 but if you know the hubby he wasn’t going to pay that, so he ended up paying $10.00! I know, I know sometimes I want to crawl in a hole when he starts to bargain.

After we got it home, he announced it had to be sanded (well I thought good luck with that) he proceeded to tell ME how to go about doing it, well I needed all the luck I could get because I never did such a preposterous job in my whole life! I just bought the stuff, brought it home and hubby does the work. I thought my arm was going to fall off and after all that work he said it needs a primer coat, I wasn’t for sure if he thought I needed practice to go into the furniture business or restoration work but I ended up with that job too, I kept saying “pinterest says you don’t have to sand or primer. You know men, they do something their way for years and no one like pinterest is going to tell them differently. The next day he did the main painting and redid the handles and the grid work in the windows.         


Well what do you think? I think she is beautiful myself and I learned a lesson in the restoration business, NEVER AGAIN!

I also got this poor run-down doll house noticed I didn’t say buy because there was no money transaction on this piece the word free comes into play. I was looking at it and the lady selling said, “If you want this, just take it.” My lucky day, that is until I got home and my luck ran out with the refinishing of that cabinet. Heehee. My son took one look at it and just said “why?”  Well of course you know what my answer is going to be, “it was free.” I think it is going to turn out just beautiful and I will keep you posted. By the way there won’t be any sanding to this job, I guarantee you.


Now to my final spurge; I did buy a couple bags of clothes for the littles’ that my daughter was pleased with (important to please daughters, they take care of you in your old age) and I also got a few other items but it is this last splurge that sent me into a high-five moment.

DSC00775You have to be a fabric junkie to understand this feeling of euphoria. My granddaughter wants to be Little Red Ridinghood, when I say “wants to be,” I mean she literally wants to be Little Red. My hubby and I are always the wolf whenever we play, (ironically our last name is Wolfe). I bought enough red fabric for her to wear a cape until she is 18, so if you see an odd young lady in a red cape in about 15 years, remember it is only my granddaughter and she hasn’t got over her obsession yet. The fabric is heavy and hubby only paid $3.00, the other fabric is a white flannel that he paid $2.00. I am making the littles’ diapers for their babies and the lining calls for white flannel. There is enough flannel to diaper 50 dollies. Maybe they will play with dolls until they are 18. (that might  be a little odd) All in all it was good day, hmmm I wonder what treasures I will find next weekend? I know this for sure, NOT ANOTHER CHINA CABINET!

Little Lady Bugs

I made this super sweet lady bug dress for my youngest Granddaughter. At the beginning of May, I made a dress for the older one so, naturally, they both needed to wear them together for a fun day at the park . The lady bug fabric has been saved for many, many years. I bought it for my daughter when she was younger to make her a dress. That was 20 years ago! (Yikes! I might sound like a hoarder of fabric!) Well look on the bright side, if I didn’t save it the Littles wouldn’t have a nice new dress to wear to the park on a bright and glorious day. I still have enough leftover to make a couple more dresses. Okay, okay I might have over bought, but you know the saying, “The more the merrier!” HeeHee! 

may2013 006 may2013 008 may2013 012 may2013 022 may2013 017

My 3 favorite girls are going down the slide together. Daughters are such a blessing, I only had one but as you can see my daughter has received an extra portion.

The pattern for the younger little came from here. I just added the apron with the applique and embroidery.

Well off to my next project, they will be needing zoo dresses, can’t go to the zoo without a zoo dress! I think mine might be packed away.

Nursery Rhyme Birthday Party

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So Sorry That I have not been able to post sooner but I have been trying to get ready for my Granddaughter’s birthday. She is now officially 2 years old and I just dislike them getting older. I want them to stay little for as long as possible. I put together a nursery rhyme birthday for her, and my daughter never cares what I plan as long as she knows about it. (I love to be in control, heehee). All the decorations were painted and done by Moi’, the sweet table was also my responsibility and my daughter does all the food and drinks. I made her birthday dress from a pattern called The Junebug dress,and ironically she lives on Junebug Lane; ironically again, the street was named after my Aunt June, whose husband had put in the subdivision and my daughter and son-in-law bought one of their houses! Yes, I just went off on a tangent, so let me collect my thoughts before I zoom out again. Heehee! You could find the dress pattern here.  And the apron embroidery pattern came from here! Her dress was such a huge success with each one of the sites that I used. Isn’t technology wonderful? We could get a pattern on line and get the whole dress done in a few hours. My embroidery took a little longer, as a matter of fact, it took a lot longer but it was worth all the hours that I put into it. I had blogged earlier of the dress that I had made for the 3 year old, her dress was made to match her sister’s for the party.

DSC00739 DSC00722 DSC00721

The humpty Dumpty on the fireplace along with Mary and her little lamb and Mary Mary Quite Contrary were all made out of wood that I had painted. Mary’s flowers are pom-poms on a stick. The little’s thought they made wonderful wands! I used my cricut machine to cut out the silhouette on the banner that is hanging on the  fireplace.



My youngest son and I worked on these frames together.  He printed out the nursery rhyme poem and I cut out the silhouette on my cricut machine. The frames I got for free, painted white and added fabric buttons. So very sweet.

DSC00732 DSC00733 DSC00731DSC00736

The Humpty Dumpty on the wreath, tree and the cake were paper mache eggs that I had bought at Hobby Lobby a few years ago for an Easter project that I never got around to. ( I think I might be a procrastinator). “It is better to have crafted than not crafted at all”. I actually  just made that quote up but it is good to save anything that you don’t use for another time.

DSC00730 DSC00735 DSC00713 DSC00702

The Three blind mice pattern came from here. Aren’t they just so cute? I’m going to use them for pincushions. It kind of makes me feel bad that they will be getting poked with a needle.

DSC00745 The little guy in the pink hat is actually the girl’s new baby brother who is just shy of being 2 months old. My daughter now has 2 girls and our new little fella’.

DSC00727I hope you enjoyed our party and are able to incorporate it into your own party.

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Knot dress

Happy Mother’s Day

The little’s came over and it is always so delightful to see them, it was a beautiful day and the sun was out what more can we ask for? Both girls are wearing a dress that I had made. The youngest little girl I had to make the pattern on my own, just a basic A frame dress. The Older one, her pattern came from McCall’s 6387, a knot dress. I love the material, it looks like vintage sewing patterns .

May 2013 013

Of course they needed their headbands to match their outfits. The youngest is obsessed about wearing jewelry, she sometimes wears 7 necklaces at a time. May 2013 035Here they are posing in front of their play-house, this play house was given to my daughter (their Mother) 26 years ago, she will be 29 just shortly, either she is getting old or that play house is. My Dad built it for her and called us and said “I built Elizabeth a doll house,” so we go over to his house to pick it up. As you can see it wasn’t a doll house but a play house!

May 2013 017

Don’t ever ask a toddler to look at the camera when a pack of birds are flying over head. Guess who won out?

May 2013 075

This is the embroidery that I did on one of the aprons, a little girl laying on her belly and trying to thread a needle. It was the perfect addition and completed the dress quite nicely if I do say so myself.

Snow White dress

April 007 April 008

This is the pattern that I was talking about the other day, where I cut down McCall’s 6594 to make it look more like a shirt then a dress. I suppose you would call it a peasant shirt. The buttons on the belt are supposed to face toward the back, who knows, maybe my granddaughter is making a fashion statement. The Snow White material and tan corduroy was only two dollars a yard at Hobby Lobby. And of course she needed the new headband to go with the outfit. 

A little bit of pink and a little bit of gray!

April and May 2013 394 April and May 2013 395

April and May 2013 398 April and May 2013 408

I made the little’s these new dresses and as you can see in the pictures, their good for dancing and twirling in. Maybe that’s what I need, a new outfit to get me dancing, twirling and moving (Aaaah It sounds too much like exercise)I’ll just wear my old clothes and hope they don’t get any funny ideas about to much movement. HeeHee. The older one is made from McCall’s 6594, I added the bodice front, changed the sleeves, put on a pocket and added the ruffle to the bottom of the dress. Yes, I almost completely changed the whole dress, but isn’t that what your suppose to do when you buy a pattern and you just aren’t completely agreeable with? I made this pattern  for her a couple of months ago but I actually made it shorter so she could wear a pair of ruffled pants that I had made to go with the outfit. The youngest is wearing a pattern that I had gotten for free at a garage sale, because they were unsure whether or not all the pieces were there. Guess what? They were all there and accounted for, yaaaaa! The dress is Simplicity 9784, this is the third dress that I made out of this pattern. I changed this dress by making an apron and attaching it with buttons. This dress has a sweet peter pan collar that I love on little girls dresses, it always makes me reminisce about simpler times.

The leprechauns came!

My granddaughters called after they had gotten their May-day surprise and informed Pa and I that the leprechaun’s came! (They just didn’t get the whole May-day thing!) Wouldn’t it be nice if leprechaun did come to our door, knock, leave a gift and run away afterwards? I hope he would leave me new fabric along with sewing patterns. HEEHEE! My daughter sent us these wonderful pictures of them. I love the picture of them standing at the door after they heard a knock, just the expression on their faces sent me into a fit of giggles. Just a few dollars made them the happiest little girls.

May Day Surprises




Before May 1 even peeped around the corner I would tell the little’s the story of May Day and how people knock on your door and run away but leave a present that always included flowers. The 3  year old kept getting it confused with St. Patrick’s Day and leprechauns sneaking into the house and leaving a bag of golden money.( Unfortunately it is only the chocolate kind).


My hubby (a.k.a. Pa)  and I put these May Day baskets together. Being the thrifty and frugal woman that I am all of it was 75%-90% off after Easter except of course I put together their flower headbands at the last minute. The gardening gloves are actually for toddlers and they come in a package of 2.


Now to wait for our little girls to call us and tell us someone left a present for them on the porch.