Doughnuts at the Park

My daughter and son-in-law decided last weekend to pack up the littles’ to go to a park that they have never visited before. Don’t you love parks? They are free-which is always good on a budget and little people just love to go. Before they got there they stopped and picked up doughnuts for the littles’, now that is my kind of FUN! Doughnuts and a park, can’t go wrong there. The girly girls wanted to wear their new outfits that I had made to the park. I just love sewing and surprising the girls with these new outfits. I just read a blog from one of my favorite sewers’ and blogger, she sews all her children’s clothes but the oldest is going on to kindergarten and she thought it was time to buy her little girl’s clothes. Her clothes and patterns are so unique, so I was a little perplexed at her decision. “Why?”  For no other reason but she was afraid that her daughter would be teased. I was so sad to read that. I was sad that children can be so mean and cruel but also that this Mother was going to let a group of children dictate what her child should wear. g acting like a cat

Gianna’s skirt is almost the same as my last blog where she was wearing her Little Red Ridinghood outfit. I made the Yoke of this skirt just a little bit longer and the skirt part a little bit shorter and the apron shorter too. I forgot to write measurements down this time. That’s what happens when you wing an outfit. The shirt that I appliqued cost me $2.10 at target. I am the last of the great spenders or the most frugal woman alive. The Embroidery pattern I got here. I’m pretty sure she is acting like a cat in the picture.

cat apron

Aren’t you loving that kitty embroidery? I am an embroidery and apron fanatic, I hope they wear aprons way past their 16th birthday. For the applique I just drew out the picture of one of the cats from the fabric, couldn’t ask for an easier applique to do.

cat shirt

v acting like a cat

Here is Giavella in her outfit, the pattern is from McCall’s 6387. It’s an easy peasy pattern and anyone can put it together. I think she is also trying to be a cat, her sister is behind her making sure she is getting the ear situation correct.

cat outfits The cat fabric came from Jo-Anne’s fabric in honor of my sons cat Cindy. I am not a cat lover but give me any kind of dog and I am head over heals in love. SOOOOOOOOO I put on a pocket, embroidered with a doggie on Giavella’s dress.

dog pocketpark with doughnuts

Here they are eating their doughnuts, oooohhhhh I LOVE DOUGHNUTS. “A dozen bismarks please!”

julian at the parkLast but not least here is a picture of our little guy, Julian. He might as well like what those little girls like because they are going to be the ring leaders. He is such a handsome little man and his blue eyes are so beautiful. Goodbye for now and I hope you have been motivated, maybe not to go out and get a cat but to make a kitty outfit for your special little! 


Little Red Ridinghood

My Granddaughter is a big fan of Little Red Ridinghood, well I believe she has more of an obsession with that nasty wolf. So this week I made her an outfit that she was totally smitten with, except for the fact there was no cape. The first thing out of her mouth was, “Hey where is my cape?” Can’t put anything past that little. Isn’t it funny how you put together one outfit and all of a sudden your head is swirling with other ideas on how to make a different dress? Don’t be surprised if I make a couple of more outfits for her in the Little Red motif. I just had gotten a couple of Riley Blake’s Little Red fabric and I have 3 more different fabrics ordered off of Etsy. So heeeeerrrrreeeeee she is in all her crowning glory, my very own sweet Little Red!
little redGotta love those cheesy smiles. As you can see she is a girl after my own heart, vintage clip on earrings and a necklace.


red ride

I made the skirt pattern on my own, the yoke (the top of the Skirt) is cut on the fold at 18 1/4″ which will give you 36 1/2″ width, and a length of 3 1/2″. The bottom of the skirt is also cut on the fold 20″ wide which will give you a measurement of 40″ by 13″ long. The apron is 10 1/2″ long by 16 wide. If you plan on embroidering on your apron, which by the way I have a fetish for, cut out 2 and use a stabilizer on the back of your embroidering.

little red apron

Be on the lookout for more Little Red outfits that have been swirling around in my head, well at least the ole’ noggin isn’t empty now. If anyone has any ideas they would like to share, leave me a comment. Another outfit is in need of attention. Tata for now, from Little red, her little sister and the Grandmama.

velly and red

Collecting Tomatoes with Suitcases

As many of you know I had blogged yesterday about how I made my sweet littles’ a couple of suitcases to carry all their precious treasures in. Well in all actuality they were shoe boxes wrapped with fabric, I haven’t gotten to the suitcase making phase of my life – yet! Here is what they looked like all clean and neat, I shudder to think what they look like now. 

boxesHere is Gianna showing her little brother her box, I imagine he is quite taken in with the box, what 4 month old wouldn’t be?

showing brother the suitcaseCan anyone guess what they were used for? I should do a craft show, make up a ton of these cute little boxes, charge about $10 a box and call them……..

Tomato collectors

picking tomatoes in their suitcasesAnybody out there in need of a tomato collector? Remember, never go and pick tomatoes without your trusty Tomato Collector it’s the latest rage! Get one while their hot and not out of stock.



Suitcase Surprises

My daughter had to take her little guy to the doctor and I decided to travel along and help with the 2 little girls.  Travel time is about an hour to an hour and a half one way but we decided to stop at a couple of stores on the way back. After every shopping expedition with the 3 littles I always say “I don’t think I’m doing that again!” But the experience is like child-birth, after all is said and done you do it again. I must be a glutton for punishment. We decided to go into one of our favorite stores and behold! right  on the bottom of the shelves were the most precious, polka-dot suitcases for little girls. Well the littles must have thought that they were cute too and marched right up to those suitcases and  grabbed one in their chubby little fist. They really were cute walking around the store holding them until it was time to go and Momma said “no.” The caterwauling started and so did my glutton for punishment, which by the way starts out with eye twitching, Heeehee. Believe me 2 and 3-year-old little girls are such drama queens, they could have won an emmy that day! Needless to say they were explained to that they could not have everything that they see and I said “why don’t I make you a suitcase.” Glutton, Glutton, Glutton! I ran home after the outing and put 2 little cases together. I found the instructions here.boxesAren’t they just so cute? I made them both the same so there won’t be any cat fights or should I say kitty fighting? I proceeded to run them to my daughters in the evening so the littles could get their surprise when they woke up. The only one who got a BIG surprise was my daughter. The Girl’s monitor broke so my daughter didn’t hear them get up or all the commotion going on in their bedroom. You know what they say about KARMA? Weeeelllll my daughter has a double dose of it, heeheee! The 2-year-old managed to grab the Desitin off the dresser and put it all over her, her dollies and bedding. SURPRISE Momma! have fun trying to clean this mess, Desitin just doesn’t clean real well. 

Velly in desitinThe 3-year-old decided to tear the clothes out of her closet and dress herself.gianna dressed herselfSurprise Momma! your daughter has absolutely no fashion sense! After all that commotion and cleaning my daughter was able to give them their surprises.

seeing if there are presents inside 

gianna and her suitcase

Fresh Vision

Many times in our lives we just need a fresh vision and to put our focus back on God. We settle for a dim vision when all along God has a clear vision. If you settle for the moment that’s all you will ever have but God says his plans are bigger then we could ever imagine. “now unto him that is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” Ephesians 3:20. Our God is a God of abundance and of MIRACLES and he desires his blessings and clear vision in our lives. He is able to do all things that you can ever think or ask for. 

I had a dear friend call me tonight and reminded me of Gods Faithfulness. When we go through trials and tribulations in our lives we hit a rut and think we won’t be able to get out of it, that the problem or situation won’t go away. God will bring us out of the fire and He will wipe every tear from our eyes so that we will have that clear vision. After I hung up the phone I went to my chalkboard and knew what my word of wisdom was for the week.


Touch My eyes Lord with a clear Vision so that I may see all that you have in store and help me to stay focus on you and your plans!


Strawberry Picking Dresses

Happy Birthday Mimi B

One year older and a little bit smarter or so I believe. I am past that hump and I have heard your life just picks up speed from here on out, thank-you for that little bit of wisdom to those who are older than me . Needless to say my day was very enjoyable, my daughter had a wonderful lunch and I received some wonderful presents from my children and Mother-In-Law. Hubby has contracted out some work that we have been wanting to do but never got around to, but of course you probably know what my greatest gift was, it’s just to see the littles and enjoy their company. The weather is so hot though that it’s hard to spend any amount of time outside.girls in strawberry dressesAren’t they just blonde cuties? My word I think they are growing faster than I am. Every time I make a dress I have to call my daughter to make sure their waist hasn’t changed. I do declare that might be one of my problems, I call it the “changing of the waist” it is like the “changing of the guards” one leaves and another one comes, that’s right, one inch leaves and another one takes over. Heehee. Back to their dresses, I had this material leftover from my daughter, and yes I still have leftover fabric that I might save for my great-grandchildren! Yikes I could be a great grandmimi someday. I really don’t think I want to go down that humpy hill at to great of a speed, gives me heart palpitations just thinking about it. strawberry apronGianna’s dress was made from simplicity 1793, of course I had to put on a strawberry applique on her bodice and embroider a sweet pattern that I had gotten here. I love Tasha Noel designs, I just ordered the Red Riding hood fabric and now I want to make a couple of dresses with “The Simple Life” fabric. My daughter and son-in-law always take the littles apple picking and the fabric would be so appropriate.

velly in her strawberry dress

Giavella is sporting a dress made with Simplicity 1700. I added a couple of appliqued pockets unto her dress so that she could carry around her small treasures, (lip-gloss, eye makeup or whatever else she could snatch from her Momma’s vanity drawers).

g in strawberry dress

strawberry dress

Can anyone blame me for being head over heals in love with these two? Just look at those faces, makes you want to just squeeze those little cheeks. Thank-you for visiting me on my birthday and I hope you are inspired to make some strawberry picking dresses. My daughter just called and asked for me to come over, I think I’m going to take her up on that offer. HIP HIP HOORAY I’m going to see the littles today!

Going to the fair

Hip Hip Hooray we’re going to the fair today!

On Saturday hubby and I took the very excited littles to the county fair, we have been able to do it every year since the oldest was 8 months old. Next year though will be different, I have a feeling they will be wanting to ride all the carnival rides. Yikes, my heart just drops into my stomach every time I think of them riding those  rides. I sewed up some special picnic dresses for them and their Momma thought they should wear them with their cowgirl boots. I think I should have sewn up some cowgirl dresses for this occasion, oh well I’ll put it on my to-do list for next year.

July 2013 030 fair Gianna the oldest is wearing a dress made from McCall’s 6387, It is supposed to be a knot dress but I added the buttons to the strap. Giavella the younger one is wearing a dress from Simplicity 1700, I will admit the yoke gave me a little bit of trouble, ( I lie, it gave me a headache!) I appliqued the front of the dress with cherries. Aren’t they just adorable in their cowgirl boots? Are they sporting the cowgirl look?

July 2013 045 fairGianna was very enthralled with those noisy roosters even though she wanted to see the giraffes. Heehee.

July 2013 059 morris fair

July 2013 054 morris fair

I absolutely love these two pictures of them, look how they are standing the same way, are they not sisters or what? They could have stayed in front of those goats forever, in all actuality the goats could have stared at the girls forever maybe they were goat sisters and so excited to see human sisters. HMMM that might be a good toddler book to write about, “Miranda and Miravella Goat meet Gianna and Giavella Girls.” Anyone know how to write a good book featuring goats?

July 2013 061

 They don’t look very amused about sitting on top of a hay bale do they? It was probably a wee bit scratchy. OH what us adults do to get that perfect picture.

July 2013 069 horse watching

July 2013 070 horse watching

Hope you enjoyed the Littles and it gave you a hankerin’ to sew or visit a fair and talk to the goats or just put on some cowgirl boots and live life to the fullest. Remember to saddle up and ya’ll come back now. YIPPE YII YAA!

July 4th

Happy July 4th

JuneJuly 2013 013I hope everyone had a safe and memorable July 4th and was able to enjoy some down time with family and friends. I went to see my sweet littles today and believe me they were very sweet with all the candy and sugary foods that they consumed. I made the wreath on the door for my daughter, she always has a wreath and a welcoming door to all her family and friends!

JuneJuly 2013 053JuneJuly 2013 061

We brought over their gift to them at 9:00 a.m., of course we bought them July 4th presents, kids just love a bag of loot to rummage through. I tried to tell them why we celebrate July 4th but in all honestly most adults aren’t understanding the significance of this day. They were just ecstatic to get different candy in red, white and blue, as I said they were pretty sweet and sugared up. 

JuneJuly 2013 015Guess who had to make her own wreath? She is a girl after my own heart, loves to do crafts any chance she gets.

From our house to yours Happy July 4Th!

Restyling my Garage Sale finds

Don’t you just love summer time? I just love the laid back feeling the food on the grill and of course all the lovely garage sale finds. Everyone knows that wonderful saying,” One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” In this case though it’s a woman buying wonderful treasures, hubby thinks it’s just more crap sneaking into the house and camping out in his garage heehee. My latest find was this antique linen dresser or is it called a sideboard? Either way I paid $15.00 for it, loaded it up in the truck and gave it a fresh coat of paint and it now is camping out in my craft room.

DSC00783As you can see it didn’t take me long to fill up the top, the drawers are calling out to me for “fabric“. It takes everything I got not to run to the store and give into the dresser’s demands! That same day I bought a couple of old frames for $3.00, one for me and one for my daughter (remember ladies when you do a craft you might as well plan ahead because you know the daughter is always going to want the same thing.) The frames still had their original canvas in so that really helps when you make this chalkboard project.

DSC00782Sorry about the blur, my camera gets out of sorts sometimes. I added burlap and muslin flowers along with a few buttons. I think I’m going to write a weekly inspiration on it or a word of advice, believe me I got plenty of that, at least that’s what my adult children say. (they must think I am so smart to be so full of advice and wisdom!) My last project cost me a whopping $2.00 at the dollar store. I bought 2 pool noodles from the Dollar Store, of course one for me and one for the daughter. They are perfect to make wreaths out of.

   DSC00780I used burlap to wrap the wreath and made some different gingham and muslin flowers. A perfect July 4th wreath

Pillow case dress minus the pillow and case!

I must confess I am not a fan of the pillow case dress, they just don’t appease my fashion snobbery for kids. Yes, I know a little bit about fashion even if I do dress in sweats and don’t brush my hair, I am just trying to make my own fashion statement. When my daughter approached me about making a couple of dresses I just cringed, she had bought one and it was so cheaply made that I just had to figure out how to make it look like it wasn’t  just going to hang on the littles. Let us proceed to door I mean picture number 1.may 2013 075I lined the dress to give it the body that it needed (this process really helped with the fullness) and instead of putting the ribbon around the neck for the drawstring I made the drawstring with contrasting fabric. I put on a ruffle and made panty covers and it made the outfit look a little more chic. Still not a fan of the pillowcase dress although I do like mine better than the one my daughter bought.

may 2013 060Here is sweet Velly sporting her pillowcase dress (cringe) and looking fabulous in her rain boots on a very sunny day! She is the only child I know that wears her swimsuit  with her rain boots on heehee. That is her Momma in the background laughing, most likely at her daughters’ oddity.

may 2013 006Forgot to mention, when you put the lining in don’t sew the lining in at the bottom of the dress but just put a hem in it, the dress will flare out nicely. I hope this helps someone before they start to make their own pillowcase dress. Remember it’s the little embellishments that you could add to make nice even nicer. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.