Little Red Ridinghood Party

This past weekend we gave our sweet little granddaughter a birthday party to honor her sixth birthday. Hubs and I can hardly believe our first ‘little’  is going to be 6, it saddens us to know that with each age comes new responsibilities and complications in life. My goodness what they are learning in kindergarten just … Continue reading

Off to Wonderland

  Our sweet ‘little’ turned 4 in the “Merry of May” and all she wanted was an Alice party and of course Mimi and Pa had to oblige to her every wish. Well maybe not every wish because she asked for a swing set (she has a fairly new one) a motorized car (she has … Continue reading

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

” Back in March, Hubs and I gave the “baby monster” a birthday party to honor and celebrate his second year of life and just by the title I am sure you were able to guess what kind of party it turned out to be. When my daughter, Elizabeth, found out what kind of party it was going to be … Continue reading

Frozen Party

This past fall we enjoyed the magic of giving our sweet little a “Frozen” party, she had informed me that the party needs to be special and when I asked her “what is so special about turning 5?” she replied “I’m going to learn how to drive.” Just a little FYI she hasn’t got behind … Continue reading

Back to School Bash

The new school year has started and summer has completely flown the coop along with my precious little chickies who are both preschoolers. This post is about 9 weeks late and my sweet little’s are that much older, boo-hoo! Hubs and I decided to give them their back to school party, of course we decided to send them off … Continue reading

“The Hunger Game”

My daughter sent some pictures to me recently and I got the giggles looking at them. I am not a fan of the “Hunger Games” and I could truly say with all honesty I haven’t read any of the books or seen the movie but I could relate to what the “hunger Games” are all … Continue reading

Paperdoll Party

 This post is going out late and I mean extremely late, but it is better to be late than sorry. The proper etiquette for this situation is to just say, “Sorry,” and move on. Now that I have poured out my heart wrenching soul with much anguish and torment, let’s get on to the post.  Back in May our sweet … Continue reading

Little Pig Party

  Our sweet little guy turned one in March and my daughter was kind enough to let me host his first birthday party at my house. (Thank-you daughter for your complete trust in me). I did have a couple of requests though – no pink and nothing girlie-girl. Well not being a fan of trucks, trains or … Continue reading

Snowman Party

This past Saturday hubs and I decided to give our littles a snowman party and the good Lord blessed us with the perfect snowy day, 3-5 inches of perfect. While I was inside putting the finishing touches on the perfect day, hubby was outside trying to snow blow the perfect snow off of the sidewalk. The good Lord’s … Continue reading

Blame it on the Cake

A couple of weeks ago hubby and I went shopping at our friendly one stop shopping center Walmart “and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature cake with a tiny reindeer. More rapid than eagles I flew to my cart, tore open my purse and gave out a shout, “My phone, my phone, I need … Continue reading