Little Red Ridinghood Party

This past weekend we gave our sweet little granddaughter a birthday party to honor her sixth birthday. Hubs and I can hardly believe our first ‘little’  is going to be 6, it saddens us to know that with each age comes new responsibilities and complications in life. My goodness what they are learning in kindergarten just blows my mind away! On a happier note the party was a big hit and enjoyed by all and we were blessed with perfect weather.

We stared by delivering their party clothes’ to their house in the evening before the party.

11223862_1000053756682885_4536293711593262639_oBaskets of goodies from Mimi and Papa to transform 2 little girls and 1 little guy into,



    2 Little Reds and 1 Big Bad wolf

 made the capes out of velvet and lined them. The littlest ‘Red’ and Mr. Wolf was made from Simplicity 2571 and big ‘Red’ was from Simplicity 1348, they were easy peasy to make not Mr. Wolf though, he had to have a face appliqued to the hood.

12189138_1000054210016173_6668295510129418520_n                   “Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go.”


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There is nothing but joy in my heart to see my littles enter my house with their child like wonder and enthusiasm. They know it is their special day and all Birthday goodness is theirs to enjoy with their siblings.

Sometimes Birthday goodness is for the adults too! HeeHee

12138455_1000054953349432_6163573811597552208_oThis party I used some of the pom-pom’s from previous parties, it’s all about reusing and finding junk to redo.

My daughter and I found the circles at Hobby Lobby with monograms on them and they were only $2.50, a whole lot cheaper than canvas. Ta-da new paintings that will most likely be used in their bedroom. The house I got at a garage sale and resides in the Nursery. Mushrooms were from the last party and just made out of bowls from the Dollar Tree store.

Doesn’t everyone have a woodsman come to parties? Just my son-in-law in his full glory, (it’s called crazy). Hubs made the house and I made the little people. The mushrooms are made out of toilet paper rolls and cardboard lids.

12188150_1000055073349420_5772481557184499102_oI made the acorns out of caramel  and Tootsie rolls, this party we actually saved money on the cupcakes, Hubs made them instead of buying them. Cha-ching, more money in my pocket!

12063372_1000056296682631_1931596955618846047_nI made the cupcake topper from ‘Word’ and glued it to a Chinese chopstick.



I wanted to buy a full-blown wolfe wolf costume but this is where the word “realistic” comes into play, what would I do with it afterward? I think the ‘Littles’ would of liked to be chased around the yard in it, sooooooooo I compromised and here is the Big Bad Wolf in his $3.00 mask. I’m shaking in my boots!

We can’t have a party without games! My daughter and I put together a game that plays like Candyland but we called it “Off to Grandma’s”, we painted 28 squares that led from my backdoor all the way to their play house. Each team consisted of the person reading the cards and their pawn, the one jumping on the squares.

 The crazy woodsman was the winner of this round!

We threw hoops over the mushrooms and

 played a few rounds of miniature golf.


My family and I thank-you for visiting another Birthday and we leave with a Birthday Blessing over our granddaughter

Lord, we ask that you would bless our Granddaughter, Gianna, on her Birthday and we ask that you would protect and guide her as she continues along the path that you have chosen for her. Give her courage to follow you and feel your love wherever she goes.

Make her strong and give her strength to make good decisions in the coming year. Keep her free from all illness and may she only know joy and happiness. We ask blessings now and everyday of her life.

In your name we pray




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