Off to Wonderland


Our sweet ‘little’ turned 4 in the “Merry of May” and all she wanted was an Alice party and of course Mimi and Pa had to oblige to her every wish. Well maybe not every wish because she asked for a swing set (she has a fairly new one) a motorized car (she has a new one) and a new deck (go figure that one out!) But if we could give her a grand “Alice” party so be it !!!!!!

 With further ado, here is Tweedle Dee or is he Tweedle Dum (either way he is a Tweedle) to introduce you to our little Alice, also known fondly to her family as Giavella A.K.A as Velly.11017035_1624320621113027_8582989250568513145_nLadies and Gents (drum roll please) here she is the newest and the sweetest Wonderland Star.


 Our sweet little Alice will now take you to her own wonderland, please strap yourself to a chair because everyone knows you fall down rabbit holes, play croquet with a queen who likes to take heads off and could inhale smoke if you stand too close to a caterpillar that smokes a hookah! (There was no hookah smoking during the production of this party, Heehee)


 Please follow the white rabbit and by all means don’t be late, rabbits find it extremely rude of people to be late for a very important date. Hubs and I made everything out of wood and painted it, we are hoping to get a little more use out of it because a certain “little” wants a “Mad hatter cocktail tea party and for that reason you will not see the March Hare, Mad Hatter or the drunken mouse at any of the party.

Before the “littles” came in they had to drink the magic potion to make them small, they are the little wax bottles filled with juice, we found them at the Dollar Tree store. I just love going in there and snooping to see what fun things we could use for parties-especially since I am the Queen of Cheap, I mean frugal, Heehee. Can you imagine to my Hubs and I surprise when we looked out the window and seen Cheshire Cat and the Mad hatter, I thought maybe him and I drank a little too much out of those wax bottles, Heehee.  Hubs and I bought Velly her Alice dress and my daughter decided to get whacky (maybe she also drank too much out of those wax bottles!) and buy everyone a costume.

10371487_1624314967780259_5852091821598664054_nOff we go to “Wonderland” and to the magical world of singing flowers, butterflies that talk and mushrooms that make you large or small.


Hubs and I usually greet the “littles” at the door but this time we wanted them to walk into the party on their own and figure out how to get into the enchantment.

Hubs and I put the rabbit hole up that morning before they came, we just couldn’t figure out how to do it without putting a lot of money and time into it. We cut out a hole out of a large piece of cardboard and then ran to the store and got a brown plastic tablecloth. The whole kit and caboodle cost us $1.00 for the table-cloth and the fame on the door cost us $3.00 at a garage sale that I painted.



Everything came from the Dollar Tree store, even the rabbit chair covers, I just had to add the red bow, eyebrows and Hubs cut the glasses out of PVC piping. The mushrooms are red bowls from the Dollar Tree with pom-poms taped on and a carpet roll for the base. I wanted the scene where Alice comes upon the singing flowers.

And the flowers ask ……….

” Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?”


She has a cheesier grin than that Cheshire Cat.

We decorated outside also, the day was going to be beautiful so Hubs and I added a few streamers the night before. We thought we would eat outside but it was a little to hot. As you could see Alice couldn’t have had a better birthday, the sky was a beautiful blue and all the flowers and trees were growing.

The “Mome Raths” were out.

The “littles” got to visit some of their favorite characters……..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We played a wild game of flamingo croquet which Hubs made out of leftover wood and I painted and added feathers to the top of their heads.

If you are seeing 2 Alice’s it’s because Hubs and I bought the other little girl an Alice dress. We knew there would be a lot of tears and fighting over one dress. (Nothing like a good kitty cat fight).



We got a visit on the playing court of our favorite cat……..

And of course we can’t have a party without the sweet, dear “littles” bombarding Uncle Daniel with anything they could get their hands on. This party it was the blow up flamingos that were so intricately placed around the yard.


Are you getting the full extent of my “little’s” sweetness? By the way, inflatable flamingo’s heads and legs will come off if they are used as weapons.

Flamingos are also quite lovely when they are swimming in a yummy drink


We watched the movie at Uncle Daniel’s movie theatre.

Or we tried to watch the movie as the little girls wanted to get up close and personal. They made a better door then a window!

Happy Birthday Giavella!

22689_1624316831113406_1006862922747768855_nTake time to stop and smell the flowers

10247250_1624318924446530_4690602739257134027_nKnow that you are loved…………

and may all your dreams come true!

From my house to yours, we hope that you visit Wonderland this summer!


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