Frozen Party

DSC_0241This past fall we enjoyed the magic of giving our sweet little a “Frozen” party, she had informed me that the party needs to be special and when I asked her “what is so special about turning 5?” she replied “I’m going to learn how to drive.” Just a little FYI she hasn’t got behind the wheel yet and that goes for the 2 wheeler too! We are all safe so far. This party all started out this past spring when I went to a garage sale that had silver and blue wedding supplies for sale, wellll one thing led to another and the”Frozen” party evolved!

DSC_0758Now that everyone and their brothers have been informed she is 5, let us all “Keep calm and let it go.”

DSC_0327That’s me keeping calm, it probably was due to the blue chilled martinis my daughter made. {Heehee, Hiccup}. My life became completely consumed with this party and I couldn’t “Let it go” without showing the pictures. I could only hope the pictures send “chills” down your spine and “freezes” you to your chair just don’t drink those martinis or you won’t finish this blog. Heehee. This party we changed things up a little, my daughter picked up their new party clothes and put them out so that they would wake up to PRESENTS. My daughter bought this huge roll of wrapping paper at a garage sale and it didn’t go to waste, all their gifts were wrapped in it.


Hubs and I also bought their party clothes this time, those of you who know me  know that I just can’t resist sewing for those sweet littles, this party I just couldn’t resist buying.

DSC_0299I did make the birthday girl’s skirt out of the sweetest snowflake fabric due to the fact that I couldn’t find a skirt to match the color of her shirt “sew” it was off to the drawing board to whip up a pattern. Why can’t life just be easy peasy? 

DSC_0308  For some reason we didn’t get good pictures of our girly girls posing in their new clothes together but together or apart they are little girls who prove that sisters stick together (like Anna and Elsa) that is until their claws come out and they act like she cats.


I bought this life-size cardboard standup off of Amazon, I believe I’ll being getting my money’s worth out of it though, once Disney comes out with the sequel the 3-year-old will want a Frozen party.

The entrance to the house was spectacular for a certain little girl to make her entrance. Hubs cut out all those snowflakes and letters along with Olaf and I just added the paint. I don’t even want to know what the neighbors were thinking but I know what the birthday girl was thinking though and it’s the stuff that melts a Mimi and Pa’s heart. Believe me when I say her grand entrance was not very lady like and the screaming was heard all over town.


To begin with I bought the Chinese lanterns and the snowflakes on the ceiling at the Dollar Tree store along with the hoola hoop that was transformed into a chandelier bling. My daughter picked up the plate chargers at a garage sale and all the bows tied around the chair were used at her wedding reception. ( I think I’ll keep them so that the little girls could use them at their reception) I think there is a name for my thriftiness but I just can’t think of it right now. Heehee

DSC_0319Back in July my daughter and I went  shopping and found the castle at Michaels, they were unfinished bird houses well tada they are now a finished Anna and Elsa castle. I bought the trees at a garage sale and painted them silver And while the paint was still wet I threw on glitter.

DSC_0347  The dessert table held some of my families favorite fall comfort food, taffy apples and popcorn balls. Yum-Yum! The icicles on the table and all around the ceiling came from a garage sale along with the silver branches (it’s all about thinking ahead) I made the medallions on the wall and Hubs and I made the castle, it’s all 3 dimensional and took us a long time to figure out the proportions.

DSC_0311 The candy table was a complete hit along with the white ice cream cone trees, the beautiful white boa tree came from a garage sale.

This was how I left the room for Christmas and I will be leaving some of it up until we have another party on February 1, I’ll just add a little bit of red and things that “waddle” be on the look out for that event, hopefully the waddlers don’t escape from their cages beforehand.

I just love-making their birthday hats and they actually want to wear them!

Let the games begin

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Games never seem to go as planned with our littles, the game was a simple game, find the blue gems in all the snow. The next thing that is happening is the baby monster wants in the middle of all the snow the dog wants to lay in it and the girls start throwing and shoving itchy snow down my back. Simple game? Not hardly!

Let another simple game begin

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The name of this game was the first one to fill their containers by picking up the snow AKA marshmallows with Chinese chopsticks is the winner, wellllll it started out nice and then the dog wanted to eat the marshmallows and the kids started to throw the “snow.” Needless to say if you would have peeked into my fence at my yard  you would have seen mini ninja warriors screaming and dogs running around eating their fill of snow.

Ummmmmmm another game?

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Hubs and I made the cutest buckets, all went well for about 7 minutes until the mini ninjas decided their Uncle Daniel needed to feel the full force of a snowball thrown at him. At least I could say I have the cutest ninjas!

 After games, dinner, unwrapping presents and eating cake my sweet littles were exhausted so were Mimi and Pa, can’t lie about that. From my family to yours: “Keep calm and let it go!”



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