Back to School Bash

The new school year has started and summer has completely flown the coop along with my precious little chickies who are both preschoolers. This post is about 9 weeks late and my sweet little’s are that much older, boo-hoo! Hubs and I decided to give them their back to school party, of course we decided to send them off to school accordingly, not with pencils, crayons and writing tablets but with love, sweets and a whole lot of fun.

 We had a lot of………….





And we couldn’t resist a little bit of swing dancing at the end of the day!

Hubs and I started out the celebration by giving the littles their new party clothes and their invitations. Who could resist new party clothes? Certainly not the 2 extra heads that are lying on the bed and waiting to see if there are any bones in the boxes. Bones or party clothes that is the question.DSC_0088DSC_0096DSC_0109Hip Hip Hooray its new party clothes and


…… a silly brother today !

Big G little g what begins with “G” ? Gianna and Giavella begin with G. (and Gigi who is peeking out the front door)

No party would be complete without decorations, more decorations and a little more decorations. Who would have ever thought that one could cram so much stuff into such a small space. I had quite a few decorations from last year and I just added a little more this year. The black board behind the sweet table is a plastic table-cloth from the dollar store. Hubs made the wooden flash cards and I painted them and the numbers equal to the ages that our littles will be next year. 2, 4, 6 who do we appreciate? The Littles that’s who! The cupcake apples are made out of large pom-pom and I made the flash card banner above the sweet table with the flashcards and crepe paper glued behind the card and the apples are just made out of red yarn. I would love to do a “Dick and Jane” theme some year, how fun would that be ?

Let the Games begin

Everyone loves a good game especially on a beautiful day and if you could put sticky notes all over your Momma and Daddy, what could be better? The name of the game is to see who could put all their sticky notes on their team-mate the fastest.

It’s even more fun when Mimi and Pa get to put the sticky notes on the littles.


What back to school party would be complete without a good old fashion game of hop scotch, I bought the rug off of Amazon. Isn’t computer shopping so much fun? I think it’s getting to be my other favorite shopping, my first favorite will always be getting in the car and going for a little drive! Just a hop, skip and jump away to my favorite store.

Hubs made a set of the bags game and I painted the apple tree on it and made the apple bean bags. The bean bags ended up being a weapon and Uncle Daniel ended up running around the yard with 2 little girls bombarding him with apples.

Hubs made a large game of kickball croquet, the hoops were made of pool noodles and I bought large balls at Wal-Mart.

Everyone likes a good relay especially if it involves apples and spoons or if you’re a certain 4-year-old find the easiest way to get the apple to the end, even if it means C-H-E-A-T-I-N-G.

Bobbing for apples

There is always that special someone who has to go scuba diving all the way to the bottom.


Last but not least and to a very small child it’s the best part of the day and Hubs and I just can’t resist a little bit of spoiling. A little something to start school out with….


New school clothes and shoes to start the beginning of another fun school year. Clothes and shoes aren’t very fun though and the 4-year-old asked “Where are my back to school toys?” her Momma told her “there is no such thing as back to school toys.” When they left hubs said “Next year they should have a little back to school toy,” and I had to tell him that there is no such thing as back to school toys. What in the world are back to school toys? Leave it to me to find it out!

The end of the day and the littles were packed off with little suitcases of party favors, wonderful dreams to come and the love of a Mimi and Pa. Hubs and I pray blessings over them that the littles will always be surrounded with good examples. They will have more than their parents who will encourage them in faith, morals, friendship and Godly living. More than anything we want our littles to draw close to our Lord and that they will know what it means to love and follow him. 

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