“The Hunger Game”

My daughter sent some pictures to me recently and I got the giggles looking at them. I am not a fan of the “Hunger Games” and I could truly say with all honesty I haven’t read any of the books or seen the movie but I could relate to what the “hunger Games” are all about in my daughter’s family:

The boy is hungry and wants his lunch!


The beasts’ think they are hungry and want the boy’s lunch.


Now the name of the game is to see who could actually get more food in their stomachs and walk away being completely satisfied with the lunch.

1. The boys challenge is to keep the food on the plate and out of the mouths of the three beast.

2. The beasts’ opposition is not only each other but they have to keep an eye on the Momma who keeps yelling, “no, no!”


The question that arises, does “no, no” go to the boy throwing the food or the beast gobbling it up? Stay tuned for the sequel when the boy learns to maneuver his eating utensils and the beasts go into decline from lack of human food and the Momma no longer yells “no,no.”


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