Paperdoll Party

 This post is going out late and I mean extremely late, but it is better to be late than sorry. The proper etiquette for this situation is to just say, “Sorry,” and move on. Now that I have poured out my heart wrenching soul with much anguish and torment, let’s get on to the post. 

Back in May our sweet little Velly turned 3 and I decided to give her a paper doll birthday party. It was an appropriate party for a certain little girl who changes her clothes about 9 times a day. She is now hiding in the closet changing so her Mama doesn’t see her with another outfit. Sooner or later she has to come out of the closet and her Mama isn’t that “etched in the head” to know that she’s changed again. I have heard of “closet eating”, “closet smokers”, and even “coming out of the closet” but this little one has hit an all time peculiarity at least her eccentric behavior puts her in a class all her own and it’s called UNIQUE. OOOHHHHHH I’m a Mimi to a unique “closet changer.”

Hubby delivered the invitations to the little’s house on the day of the party, but this time he decided to visit them first. Before hubs left he asked the little’s if they were coming to the birthday party, the 4 year old said, “We didn’t get our invitation yet”  and he said, “well you need an invitation to be able to come.” He kissed them goodbye and ran out to the car, got their party clothes and invite and left them on the front steps. I hope hubby leaves me a flat screen TV for my sewing room or a laptop on my front steps. (Hint, Hint).


Hubby bought the littles’ candy necklaces and candy buttons for the top of their boxes. I made their invites out of paper doll cards and inside that box is their new party clothes, can’t go to a party without new party clothes.  

DSC_0612I found this paper doll and just knew it would make a perfect invitation and the colors were the perfect color and the name was perfect. It was perfect in every way just like Moi.

DSC_0600  Velly’s Invite


            Gianna’s invite           


The paper doll fabric is from the Sarah Jane line, which I absolutely adore, the fabric is very sweet and the artist recreates the simple and carefree childhood through her fabric. The pattern is from Simplicity 1472 which was an easy pattern to follow and you could put the dress together extremely fast. Sniff Sniff, boo-hoo it is so sad to see their chubby toddler arms melting, I wonder why my toddler arms haven’t melted yet. Heehee.

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 I racked my brain on this party, but it turned out sweet and very much girly-girl. I used pinterest to  find all the paper dolls and then I just enlarged them in Word. The banners all have a protective plastic over them that I ironed on. The chandelier was made out of a hoola-hoop that I bought at the Dollar Tree store and then bought ribbon and hot glued it unto the hoop. All the paper dolls that are standing were modge-podged onto wood and hubby made them into standing dolls. The frames we bought at a garage sale and hubby spray painted them white. Whenever I make any banners I always add cardboard behind the banner to give it that extra support but it also lays nicely when hung up. By the way it is July 5 today and I still have the hoola-hoop hanging up! Talking about being a procrastinator or just plain lazy. I heart this party!


This is the sweetest photo to me, all the clothes hanging are my own daughters’ they were all her own newborn clothes. It brought back such sweet reminiscing of having a young daughter of my own. The clothes most be very vintagey, because she is of a great age of 29. Hey how could that be, I’m only 29 too! I made all the flowers hanging out of tissue paper, it’s hard to find tissue paper in large packages, found mine on clearance at Wally World.

I had plans to have  “dress up” relay races, but alas the heat was too much so Hubby decided to fill up the kiddie pool and let the littles’ just enjoy their day. I think they are ready to move up to the next size pool. (Hubby if you are reading this, the next size is an in ground pool, I know how you like to move mountains to get me what I want! Just make sure the pool builders don’t leave any of those mountains of dirt in my yard. HEEHEE)

As the day comes to a close, the littles’ have been waiting patiently and with great expectation for the moment when they could finally get their chubby hands on all those presents.

Our sweet little Velly standing there so demurely and so reserved in her lady like manners.


 When presents are being opened all lady like manners fly out the window and pure chaos enters in! The end of the day and we now officially have a 3-year-old.

Happy Birthday Giavella Elizabth Carver may all your wishes come true!

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From our house to yours and all the houses in between, we hope all your wishes and dreams come true


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