Snowman Party

snowman party19This past Saturday hubs and I decided to give our littles a snowman party and the good Lord blessed us with the perfect snowy day, 3-5 inches of perfect. While I was inside putting the finishing touches on the perfect day, hubby was outside trying to snow blow the perfect snow off of the sidewalk. The good Lord’s perfectness turned into a little work for the hubs! HeeHee.

The Party started out that morning with delivering the party invitations and their party clothes-Thank God that they only live 5 minutes away to be able to do this. When hubs got to their house he had to give me a call (what did we do without cell phones?) he forgot the process. “Do I ring the bell and hand it to them or do I ring and run?” asked the dear man, “You ring and run!” says I. Oh boy the day was getting off to a rough start. 

snowman party Well at least someone found the packages interesting even if it was the dog.

snow party presentsNo I take that back, two little girls and 1 dog found the boxes interesting. Aren’t they just so cute with their curlers? Reminds me of my own sweet daughter when she was young. This is just a fun way to deliver invitation to your littles. snowman party4snowman party1My daughter called and asked if she should pack their snow suits for the snowball fight, “no dear, even that will be held inside.”

snowman party 3Our sweet Gianna posing in her new snowman outfit and her little top hat. Aren’t LaLa loopsies the greatest? They are the sweetest dolls.

snowman party 2For Giavella’s outfit I made the skirt with an attached apron and an appliqued shirt along with a pair of ruffled pants. Little girls are just so much fun to sew for. I don’t know what I am going to do when the littles get older and don’t want anymore clothes made for them. (Maybe my daughter will give us a dozen more little girls-weelllll Miss Clavel has 12 little girls in 2 straight lines, so why can’t I?)heehee.

snowman party27As you could see in this picture Velly has already tore off her top hat and her socks. Wouldn’t it be funny if we as adults went to our friends house for a party and  took off our socks and then at the end of the night put on our pajamas?

snowman party 5Here’s hubby starting to help bring in the littles, as you could see Velly is staring off into the distance at a sight that is so mesmerizing. Whatever it is has her enthralled!

snowman party 6It’s the SNOWWOMAN QUEEN! or maybe it’s a woman who is off her rocker and this snowman theme has gotten a little out of hand. No, it’s just me, Mimi.

snowman party21

snowman24Before the party started we decided to get some family photos, what better place than outside in the freezing, snowy perfect snowy day!

snowman party35

snowman party20Can you guess what my color theme was? I love the Teal and red mixture. I did everything in about 2 weeks, talking about a heart attack waiting to happen. I dreamt about snowman, I dreamt about shopping for snowman, I dreamt about snowman therapist. (Pretty bad huh?) I started to repaint any snowman I had, I made the wreath out of a pool noodle, wrapped it with teal yarn, hubby cut out a snowman and I painted. Tada a new wreath.

snowman party10snowman party41snowman party 31Hubby made these darling chairs for the littles, and I just threw on a coat of paint. Aren’t they sooooooo sweet? Thank God that I Have a hubby that gets into the parties with just a minimum amount of nudging. Could you imagine 12 of these in 2 straight lines?( Remember Miss Clavel has that many and the youngest is Madeline so why can’t I?)

snowman party28For now our youngest is Julian, whom by the way is teething and has turned into a Momma’s Boy. Sweetness is not pouring out of him right now. The poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow sums up our little fellow, “When s(he) was good, s(he) was very good indeed, and when s(he) was bad s(he) was horrid.” He was able to entertain himself and his Momma didn’t care as long as he wasn’t fussing.

julian in water Doesn’t everyone find happiness in the dog bowl?

snowman party9snowman party18snowman party11The baby might not have been to sweet but we had a sweet table to compensate. Hubby bought the cake and the containers of white cotton candy (my favorite) and the white cheddar puffs to look like snowman balls. I contributed with finding the chocolate snowman heads and the chocolate coal for  snowman buttons. ( I should have made cookies to look like buttons, maybe next year). I made up some popcorn balls and cupcakes to look like snowman and cookies with snowman on them.

snowman treatI found these individual cupcake servers that I put at each table setting along with one of the cupcakes that I made, the littles also got a container of cookies placed on their plates. I think they got pretty sugared up!

snowman table settingI put together a hot chocolate bar, nothing better to cozy up with but a warm mug of hot chocolate. This is a fun and inexpensive idea and if you only had adults you could add peppermint schnapps, Bailey or Kahlua.

snowman party 14snowman party15snowman party7I had to show my table setting, hubby bought the snowman dishes for me about 10 years ago and he bought enough just in case our family should ever grow. We are growing! That’s my oldest granddaughter in the background, Pippa Mae, she is the sweetest 4 legged, furry grandchild that anyone could ask for. HeeeHeee

snowman party22My ceiling in all it’s snowman glory.

snowman party8Hip Hip Hooray we’re having a snowman party today!

We played snowman buckets and maybe some us got more exuberant, and we all know who I mean, maybe he thought there were car keys to a new car in bucket number 6.

snowman party33

snowman party34We bowled the snowmen down.

snowman party36Some just stacked the snowmen pins and threw the ball.

snowman party25

snowman party29mom snowmansnowman party30We had a lively game of, “build a snowman out of toilet paper” The things a person could do with toilet paper!

snowman party38We played snowman bags.

snowman party39We played a game that I made, it’s like ‘cooties’ only you assemble or build a snowman made out of felt pieces. First player to build the snowman wins. I painted a wooden dice with the body pieces, so much easier for a couple of toddlers to understand.

snowmanparty26I bought a couple of buckets at Hobby Lobby and made some snowballs for a good old fashion snowball fight. Sorry we didn’t get any pictures of the littles bombarding Pa’s head.

pin the snowman bodyWe played pin the body parts on the snowman. Sorry no pictures of the littles walking aimlessly around with a blind fold on their eyes. But we bought the game at Target, in the dollar section. Would be cute made with felt also.

Last but not leastsnowman party40Snowman presents!

There is nothing more fun then to give our sweet littles’ a gift so they could remember the fun that they had on their special party day. When Gigi (Great-Grandma) asked what the presents are for, my daughter exclaimed “the snowman came!”

snowman party23From my house to yours may your next snowy day be as delightful as ours.


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