Spa Day

I just finished working 7/12’s for the last 3 weeks so my daughter treated me to a day at an “all inclusive spa.” She is always so thoughtful and is always on top of things ( I suppose you have to when you have 3 small children under the ages of 4). My weary body needed to be pampered and loved. When I walked thru the doors I was handed a glass of wine with fruit in it, it was totally delectable along with relaxing. Nothing but pure bliss followed, my daughter scheduled me in for a pedi, mani, facial and to have my hair done. I enjoyed the serenity while I sipped on my wine and was able to relax as they provided excellent customer care with their gentle hands.


Did I mention the spa was called, “The Littles’?” I had to sit on the floor because I was so lathered up that I might have fallen of the chair. I never knew that lotion could be put in your hair for that silky feeling or so that when the curlers are ripped out of your hair it doesn’t hurt as bad, Heehee. My nails are all a different color and that includes my fingers and toes, hopefully no one will notice tomorrow at the play I will be attending with the littles. The littles’ kept telling me I was going to be “just beautiful”, they ooohed and aaahhhed over me that I thought they were doing a true transformation. I was transformed all right!

spa day 10

Yes I drove home like that, I didn’t want my sweet little girls think that I didn’t like or appreciate what they had done for me. I knew that if I was stopped by the police I probably would have been thrown in a cell and it might of been padded. Heehee. I also wanted hubby to see the new look I was going for. Remember someone always has to start the trend! To all those who are tired and just need a little time to relax and let others work on you and bring you thru a true beautification process feel free to call “The Littles.” Appointments are only made thru their Momma!

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