Halloween Party

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This past weekend Hubby and I gave our littles’ a Halloween party, of course our adult children were invited. I believe they enjoyed it as much as the littles’ did, oh who am I trying to fool? I think I gave myself the party and I LOOOVED it, the day turned out beautiful and the party turned out perfect. The morning of the party I put their new Halloween clothes in a box and then on the front of the box I attached a vintage Halloween invitation with a Halloween sucker. On the card I wrote to them to put on their new Halloween finery and come to Mimi and Pa’s for a Halloween party. I left it on their porch and rang the doorbell and ran, I think that was called Ding-Dong Witch. HEEHEE.  

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My son and I decorated the dining room to look like a Halloween Ball that would be fitting for a couple of toddlers. I love when they come in and the 2-year-old says, “OOHHHHH.” Maybe she just says that when she sees the sweet table. I love knowing I have something in common with my littles, sweets, doing crafts and having a party. All the pumpkins hanging from the ceiling came from the Dollar Tree store, I just love going into that store. Everything is only a dollar, can you believe it? A dollar! The store is perfect for craft supplies for certain little girls who like to do crafts.

sweet table 2

whole sweet table

The cupcake holders on the sweet table I also got at my new favorite store, the Dollar Tree. We had cupcakes, taffy apples, rice crispy treats made to look like pumpkins, pumpkin cookies and my all time favorite Halloween food, caramel corn. (very healthy treat, it’s full of fiber).

liz with wineMy daughter brought over a Halloween wine made in Door County, Wisconsin to go with our meal that my husband prepared, except for the Italian tortellini soup, that was prepared by the Mimi of the house. Whenever we get together there is always a lot of appetizers and by the time we sit down to eat we are already filled to the brim.

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For the faint of heart we bobbed for apples, which was the first time for a few of us. It brought more laughter and giggles then going to a circus. I’m sure if anyone was looking into the windows they would have seen a pack of clowns. To be truthful I would have never bobbed for apples if it wasn’t with my family, nothing more gross than a pack of us putting our faces into a bucket with our mouths wide open, catching an apple then spitting it back into the bucket. Just for curiosity sake I need to find out where this game originated from and why. I love the picture of my hubby going into the bucket and my dog Oliver is watching the whole situation. Yea we must have looked awfully silly for a dog to stop and watch the comedy!

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We wrapped each other up in toilet paper, (keep it clean people, this was not bondage but mummifying!).Heehee. What a fun Halloween game to play. All that toilet paper wrapped around you made you warm and cozy, I either felt like taking a nap or having a hot flash from being too warm. At the end you had to roar and act like the Incredible Hulk ripping out of your mummy wrap.

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The littles’ painted pumpkins that I grew in the garden, threw spiders at the sticky cobweb (no I didn’t raise the spiders, they were plastic) and we dressed up some of our pets. There was a total of 8 pets in the house and my daughter left 2 of hers at home, yikes that’s a lot of pets that my family has! Why do humans have such fun dressing up their pets and then proceed to laugh at them? Thank God I’m not an animal, the shear humiliation would be too much for me.

Of course it wouldn’t be a party without PRESENTS! 

presents1presents2When my children were young I always bought them Halloween presents, well in all actuality I quit buying them Halloween gifts when the littles’ started appearing. Sorry kids but you have been replaced by smaller people. Once a tradition starts it never ends it just moves to the next generation. When the party was coming to an end, hubby and I bundled the littles’ up, got out their strollers and took them for a “moonlight Walk” it turned out quite cloudy that night so we called it a “dark and Cloudy walk” and we told stories about Halloween night as we walked. It really was a perfect ending to a perfect party. I hope my sweet littles’ went home and dreamt about all the fun that they had while visions of good witches danced in their heads!


From my house to yours, have a happy Halloween


…..If you ever go looking for your hearts desire

Don’t look any further than your own backyard.


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