Back to School party

school ruslesThis post is late in coming and I have been deciding whether or not to put it on but it was just so darn  cute that I decided to go ahead with it. Back in September we gave our littles’ a back to school party. Well not really back to school, but let’s just say the three year old just started her first year of pre-school so technically it should have been called “Starting School Party.” (how silly would that sound?)Boo-hoo sniff sniff so sad to watch them grow older, by golly I want them to stay little forever. Since they aren’t staying little and they have to go to school the only logical thing to do was have a party. Who am I trying to fool? I just needed an excuse to have a party and to have a little fun with the littles’. Everyone loves a good party including our little girls. “Yay a party for me,” said our exuberant Gianna. school party 1velly schoolOur sweet little Giavella is only 2 but a party mood is very contagious, she understands sweets, candy and cookies are always a part of any good party. A girl after my own heart!

school 2The easel use to be my youngest sons’, we bought it for him when he went to preschool. It is only 23 years old, yikes that easel is getting old, that easel is aging but I am not. Heehee.

school deskWe bought the child’s roll top desk at an antique show about 21 years ago. I saved it knowing that I was going to give my sweet grandchildren a “Back to School Party.” That sounds good but I’m lying, I just have a hard time getting rid of my children’s adult kids memories. Now I have to save it even longer, this is now a memory from the grandchildren.

school deco                                                                                                               school 3school artdining tabledining table for schoollunch boxI bought the fisher price bus and the fisher price school off of Ebay. My children had all the fisher price toys that were made back in the early 80’s and when we bought the house we are now living in, the whole box of toys became lost. I told the hubs I’m going to buy my children’s memories back for them. I’m sure they will thank me someday for my selfless act, but in the meantime nobody better touch my toys without my consent!

school cupcakessept1school dessertI wanted to serve a dinner that brought back memories for my own children so I asked each one what their favorite meal was when they attended school, all three said they loved the hot turkey sandwiches with the mashed potatoes in the middle of the bread. My son-in law liked the chili with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ( his meal was out of the running I knew from the start, YUCK!) My hubby and I loved the turkey poorboys, ooohhhhhh all that butter and garlic. Can you guess who won? You win some, you lose some maybe next year kiddos! Along with our meal we also had a dessert table.  

mushroom 2 The littles’ found a mushroom in the yard and needed to investigate. Aren’t children wonderful? They have such inquisitive minds.

mushroom 3    mush1

They wanted to pick the mushroom but their Momma told them that the fairies lived under it when it rained. They never questioned their Momma or asked how or why or when, they just believed. I just love the simple faith of a child.

school fun 1

I made their school dresses from McCalls 6387, this pattern is such a simple pattern to follow, even a beginner can whip up this dress in no time. I could sew the whole dress in a hour.

school presentsNo party is complete without presents. It was such a lovely party and the 2 guests of honor were so delightful. I would like to say goodbye for now from my family to yours.

carver school party

John, son-in-law, Elizabeth, daughter and my Littles’ Gianna, Giavella and baby Julian

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