A token of remembrance

My son and his fiancé went to Montana for a fall vacation. Due to the government shut-down they were not allowed to see all the sights, but they were happy and content with what they saw and their “souvenir” that they brought home. Now to my understanding a “souvenir” is a small token of remembrance, a special keepsake that is saved as a memento. A “souvenir” is often put on a shelf, stored in a closet and then sold at your next garage sale so that someone else could admire your special “souvenir.” My son and his fiancé drove their special token home (30 hours in a car) named their “souvenir” Montana, and spent hundreds of dollars on their keepsake only to find out that they could not keep their special “souvenir.” Remember though there Is always someone else that will take your special tokens for their own home. Yes sirey bob, Hubby and I are the ones with their “souvenir”, we renamed it of course to just plain ole’ Anna. May I present you to our very first and only



My son fell in love with this stray, the employees’ at the hotel said that the cat had been hanging out at the hotel for the past year and people who stayed at the hotel would feed it. My son and his future wife proceeded to invite the cat back home with them and of course the cat took them up on their invitation. Once back home they told the cat “you now have to have shots, blood work done and spaded.” Remind me not to take anyone up on a long-term invitation who knows what they will want to do to my body, unless of course they want to do a liposuction on me, heeeheee! After going through all that process they found out Miss Anna has kitty FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). A kitty with Fiv can’t be with other kitties and guess what my son has? That’s right he has a kitty by the name of Miss Cindy Lou, A.K.A Atillia the Hun. I know he was hoping to bring these 2 cats together but he had to do what was right for his own precious cat and to be able to give the new cat a home in which it will be loved and taken care of. That is the story of how I got a “souvenir” from Montana with the name Anna. By the way I told my Son “don’t bring any more souvenirs back from your vacations!” Thank God it wasn’t a stray horse or a dozen dogs.

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