Little Red’s Sister

A few months ago I made a Little Red Ridinghood outfit for a sweet little girl, weeellll Little Red’s little sister needed an outfit. Thank goodness I have only 2 sweet little girls otherwise I would be sewing my fingers to the bones. I haven’t started sewing for the little guy “yet,” as soon as I find some cute patterns for him my “yet” will turn into “yes” I’m sewing for him!

sept 2013 077A simple blue jean skirt and white shirt appliqued with mushrooms, tree and Little Red. Sweet little outfit for a sweet little girl. I just adore those chubby little legs and her kankles. A month ago she wouldn’t take off her rain boots, now it is going into fall and she won’t take off the flip flops.sept 2013 070What do 2 little girls wearing Red Ridinghood outfits do to pass the time away? Make masks out of pizza cardboards and put on a play of course. The actresses also allowed the audience to join along in the play and chase them around with the wolf mask.

sept 2013 065There was also singing and dancing, sung to the tune of, “The big bad wolf can’t get me.” I hope you are inspired to either sew an outfit or join an acting team. If you have chosen to join an acting team, I know a couple of actresses that would love to be chased around by a wolf. Your payment would be in the way of giggles, laughter and pure joy.

sept 2013 066

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