I’m Back!

I’m back and I have a lot of catching up to write about, I have been working 7/12’s for the last 21 days and I haven’t been able to drag my weary body to the computer after work let alone go and see my sweet littles’. My hubby and youngest son have been keeping up with all those housey,wifey chores and keeping everything running like a well oiled “sewing” machine, heehee. Talking about well oiled machines my darling needs to go in for a little bit of a check-up. (not the hubby but my sewing machine!) I don’t know who I missed running my fingers over more, hubs or my sewing machine.

Back in the beginning of September we had a “Back to school party” for the littles’. They really aren’t going back to school but are just starting their journey into the academic world, the older one is starting pre-school, she is already a wise old owl for someone her age, so of course I had to make her an outfit to show off her wisdom and extreme intelligence.sept 2013 060Oooohhhhh all my favorites on one skirt, chevron, polka-dots, aprons and buntings. I appliqued an owl on a plain white shirt and sewed up the skirt with the apron attached. The measurements for the skirt are on a previous post, these measurements are for a 3-year-old with a 22 inch waist. Yes I “wing it” as I am sewing, believe me, I am not Mrs. McCall.

sept 2013 059Whoooo looks so smart in her owl outfit? Gianna Eloise, that’s whooooo!

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