The sweetest little mermaids

I bought some very sweet mermaid fabric last year, weeeelllll I decided to use it this year instead. I think fabric is like wine it gets better over time. Heeheee “Better late then never” is the old saying. (At least I didn’t decide to save it until my littles’ have littles’.)Anyhow I wanted the girls to have one last summer outfit before we moved into the fall and I moved into working 7/12. I shouldn’t complain about work, considering I was off all summer. What a wonderful summer it has been, the weather has been just gorgeous and I got to spend a great deal of time with the littles’.

mermaidAnd of course we have one in her rainboots and the other one with her cheesy grin! The boots have been an icon this whole summer, she doesn’t leave the house without them. Dresses, sunsuits and even her swimsuit, she has them on. When I get old and don’t care what I look like, I’m going to wear rainboots and rompers.

mermaid dressesWill you just look at the back of those little sunsuits, just to cute or maybe it’s the littles’ that are wearing them either way they are both adorable. The pattern was from NEWLOOK 6134. This was the first time that I have used this brand and the instructions were very easy to follow. Each one of the outfits took about an hour to make. I always like to read a new pattern a couple of times to get the gist of it before I start to sew. velly in her mermaid dressMove over Jennifer Aniston you have just met your new competition, the lovely and talented Giavella.

gianna in mermaidTo all the runway models, this is the new look for posing, arms over the head. Who would of ever  thought that it took a 3-year-old to show the latest pose? Well I have to go but I hope you get inspired to make a couple of last-minute sunsuits or buy some fabric to hoard for next summer.


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