Doughnuts at the Park

My daughter and son-in-law decided last weekend to pack up the littles’ to go to a park that they have never visited before. Don’t you love parks? They are free-which is always good on a budget and little people just love to go. Before they got there they stopped and picked up doughnuts for the littles’, now that is my kind of FUN! Doughnuts and a park, can’t go wrong there. The girly girls wanted to wear their new outfits that I had made to the park. I just love sewing and surprising the girls with these new outfits. I just read a blog from one of my favorite sewers’ and blogger, she sews all her children’s clothes but the oldest is going on to kindergarten and she thought it was time to buy her little girl’s clothes. Her clothes and patterns are so unique, so I was a little perplexed at her decision. “Why?”  For no other reason but she was afraid that her daughter would be teased. I was so sad to read that. I was sad that children can be so mean and cruel but also that this Mother was going to let a group of children dictate what her child should wear. g acting like a cat

Gianna’s skirt is almost the same as my last blog where she was wearing her Little Red Ridinghood outfit. I made the Yoke of this skirt just a little bit longer and the skirt part a little bit shorter and the apron shorter too. I forgot to write measurements down this time. That’s what happens when you wing an outfit. The shirt that I appliqued cost me $2.10 at target. I am the last of the great spenders or the most frugal woman alive. The Embroidery pattern I got here. I’m pretty sure she is acting like a cat in the picture.

cat apron

Aren’t you loving that kitty embroidery? I am an embroidery and apron fanatic, I hope they wear aprons way past their 16th birthday. For the applique I just drew out the picture of one of the cats from the fabric, couldn’t ask for an easier applique to do.

cat shirt

v acting like a cat

Here is Giavella in her outfit, the pattern is from McCall’s 6387. It’s an easy peasy pattern and anyone can put it together. I think she is also trying to be a cat, her sister is behind her making sure she is getting the ear situation correct.

cat outfits The cat fabric came from Jo-Anne’s fabric in honor of my sons cat Cindy. I am not a cat lover but give me any kind of dog and I am head over heals in love. SOOOOOOOOO I put on a pocket, embroidered with a doggie on Giavella’s dress.

dog pocketpark with doughnuts

Here they are eating their doughnuts, oooohhhhh I LOVE DOUGHNUTS. “A dozen bismarks please!”

julian at the parkLast but not least here is a picture of our little guy, Julian. He might as well like what those little girls like because they are going to be the ring leaders. He is such a handsome little man and his blue eyes are so beautiful. Goodbye for now and I hope you have been motivated, maybe not to go out and get a cat but to make a kitty outfit for your special little! 


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