Suitcase Surprises

My daughter had to take her little guy to the doctor and I decided to travel along and help with the 2 little girls.  Travel time is about an hour to an hour and a half one way but we decided to stop at a couple of stores on the way back. After every shopping expedition with the 3 littles I always say “I don’t think I’m doing that again!” But the experience is like child-birth, after all is said and done you do it again. I must be a glutton for punishment. We decided to go into one of our favorite stores and behold! right  on the bottom of the shelves were the most precious, polka-dot suitcases for little girls. Well the littles must have thought that they were cute too and marched right up to those suitcases and  grabbed one in their chubby little fist. They really were cute walking around the store holding them until it was time to go and Momma said “no.” The caterwauling started and so did my glutton for punishment, which by the way starts out with eye twitching, Heeehee. Believe me 2 and 3-year-old little girls are such drama queens, they could have won an emmy that day! Needless to say they were explained to that they could not have everything that they see and I said “why don’t I make you a suitcase.” Glutton, Glutton, Glutton! I ran home after the outing and put 2 little cases together. I found the instructions here.boxesAren’t they just so cute? I made them both the same so there won’t be any cat fights or should I say kitty fighting? I proceeded to run them to my daughters in the evening so the littles could get their surprise when they woke up. The only one who got a BIG surprise was my daughter. The Girl’s monitor broke so my daughter didn’t hear them get up or all the commotion going on in their bedroom. You know what they say about KARMA? Weeeelllll my daughter has a double dose of it, heeheee! The 2-year-old managed to grab the Desitin off the dresser and put it all over her, her dollies and bedding. SURPRISE Momma! have fun trying to clean this mess, Desitin just doesn’t clean real well. 

Velly in desitinThe 3-year-old decided to tear the clothes out of her closet and dress herself.gianna dressed herselfSurprise Momma! your daughter has absolutely no fashion sense! After all that commotion and cleaning my daughter was able to give them their surprises.

seeing if there are presents inside 

gianna and her suitcase

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