Collecting Tomatoes with Suitcases

As many of you know I had blogged yesterday about how I made my sweet littles’ a couple of suitcases to carry all their precious treasures in. Well in all actuality they were shoe boxes wrapped with fabric, I haven’t gotten to the suitcase making phase of my life – yet! Here is what they looked like all clean and neat, I shudder to think what they look like now. 

boxesHere is Gianna showing her little brother her box, I imagine he is quite taken in with the box, what 4 month old wouldn’t be?

showing brother the suitcaseCan anyone guess what they were used for? I should do a craft show, make up a ton of these cute little boxes, charge about $10 a box and call them……..

Tomato collectors

picking tomatoes in their suitcasesAnybody out there in need of a tomato collector? Remember, never go and pick tomatoes without your trusty Tomato Collector it’s the latest rage! Get one while their hot and not out of stock.



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