Strawberry Picking Dresses

Happy Birthday Mimi B

One year older and a little bit smarter or so I believe. I am past that hump and I have heard your life just picks up speed from here on out, thank-you for that little bit of wisdom to those who are older than me . Needless to say my day was very enjoyable, my daughter had a wonderful lunch and I received some wonderful presents from my children and Mother-In-Law. Hubby has contracted out some work that we have been wanting to do but never got around to, but of course you probably know what my greatest gift was, it’s just to see the littles and enjoy their company. The weather is so hot though that it’s hard to spend any amount of time outside.girls in strawberry dressesAren’t they just blonde cuties? My word I think they are growing faster than I am. Every time I make a dress I have to call my daughter to make sure their waist hasn’t changed. I do declare that might be one of my problems, I call it the “changing of the waist” it is like the “changing of the guards” one leaves and another one comes, that’s right, one inch leaves and another one takes over. Heehee. Back to their dresses, I had this material leftover from my daughter, and yes I still have leftover fabric that I might save for my great-grandchildren! Yikes I could be a great grandmimi someday. I really don’t think I want to go down that humpy hill at to great of a speed, gives me heart palpitations just thinking about it. strawberry apronGianna’s dress was made from simplicity 1793, of course I had to put on a strawberry applique on her bodice and embroider a sweet pattern that I had gotten here. I love Tasha Noel designs, I just ordered the Red Riding hood fabric and now I want to make a couple of dresses with “The Simple Life” fabric. My daughter and son-in-law always take the littles apple picking and the fabric would be so appropriate.

velly in her strawberry dress

Giavella is sporting a dress made with Simplicity 1700. I added a couple of appliqued pockets unto her dress so that she could carry around her small treasures, (lip-gloss, eye makeup or whatever else she could snatch from her Momma’s vanity drawers).

g in strawberry dress

strawberry dress

Can anyone blame me for being head over heals in love with these two? Just look at those faces, makes you want to just squeeze those little cheeks. Thank-you for visiting me on my birthday and I hope you are inspired to make some strawberry picking dresses. My daughter just called and asked for me to come over, I think I’m going to take her up on that offer. HIP HIP HOORAY I’m going to see the littles today!

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