Going to the fair

Hip Hip Hooray we’re going to the fair today!

On Saturday hubby and I took the very excited littles to the county fair, we have been able to do it every year since the oldest was 8 months old. Next year though will be different, I have a feeling they will be wanting to ride all the carnival rides. Yikes, my heart just drops into my stomach every time I think of them riding those  rides. I sewed up some special picnic dresses for them and their Momma thought they should wear them with their cowgirl boots. I think I should have sewn up some cowgirl dresses for this occasion, oh well I’ll put it on my to-do list for next year.

July 2013 030 fair Gianna the oldest is wearing a dress made from McCall’s 6387, It is supposed to be a knot dress but I added the buttons to the strap. Giavella the younger one is wearing a dress from Simplicity 1700, I will admit the yoke gave me a little bit of trouble, ( I lie, it gave me a headache!) I appliqued the front of the dress with cherries. Aren’t they just adorable in their cowgirl boots? Are they sporting the cowgirl look?

July 2013 045 fairGianna was very enthralled with those noisy roosters even though she wanted to see the giraffes. Heehee.

July 2013 059 morris fair

July 2013 054 morris fair

I absolutely love these two pictures of them, look how they are standing the same way, are they not sisters or what? They could have stayed in front of those goats forever, in all actuality the goats could have stared at the girls forever maybe they were goat sisters and so excited to see human sisters. HMMM that might be a good toddler book to write about, “Miranda and Miravella Goat meet Gianna and Giavella Girls.” Anyone know how to write a good book featuring goats?

July 2013 061

 They don’t look very amused about sitting on top of a hay bale do they? It was probably a wee bit scratchy. OH what us adults do to get that perfect picture.

July 2013 069 horse watching

July 2013 070 horse watching

Hope you enjoyed the Littles and it gave you a hankerin’ to sew or visit a fair and talk to the goats or just put on some cowgirl boots and live life to the fullest. Remember to saddle up and ya’ll come back now. YIPPE YII YAA!

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