July 4th

Happy July 4th

JuneJuly 2013 013I hope everyone had a safe and memorable July 4th and was able to enjoy some down time with family and friends. I went to see my sweet littles today and believe me they were very sweet with all the candy and sugary foods that they consumed. I made the wreath on the door for my daughter, she always has a wreath and a welcoming door to all her family and friends!

JuneJuly 2013 053JuneJuly 2013 061

We brought over their gift to them at 9:00 a.m., of course we bought them July 4th presents, kids just love a bag of loot to rummage through. I tried to tell them why we celebrate July 4th but in all honestly most adults aren’t understanding the significance of this day. They were just ecstatic to get different candy in red, white and blue, as I said they were pretty sweet and sugared up. 

JuneJuly 2013 015Guess who had to make her own wreath? She is a girl after my own heart, loves to do crafts any chance she gets.

From our house to yours Happy July 4Th!

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