Little Red Ridinghood

My Granddaughter is a big fan of Little Red Ridinghood, well I believe she has more of an obsession with that nasty wolf. So this week I made her an outfit that she was totally smitten with, except for the fact there was no cape. The first thing out of her mouth was, “Hey where … Continue reading

Collecting Tomatoes with Suitcases

As many of you know I had blogged yesterday about how I made my sweet littles’ a couple of suitcases to carry all their precious treasures in. Well in all actuality they were shoe boxes wrapped with fabric, I haven’t gotten to the suitcase making phase of my life – yet! Here is what they looked … Continue reading

Suitcase Surprises

My daughter had to take her little guy to the doctor and I decided to travel along and help with the 2 little girls.  Travel time is about an hour to an hour and a half one way but we decided to stop at a couple of stores on the way back. After every shopping expedition with … Continue reading

Fresh Vision

Many times in our lives we just need a fresh vision and to put our focus back on God. We settle for a dim vision when all along God has a clear vision. If you settle for the moment that’s all you will ever have but God says his plans are bigger then we could ever imagine. “now … Continue reading

Strawberry Picking Dresses

Happy Birthday Mimi B One year older and a little bit smarter or so I believe. I am past that hump and I have heard your life just picks up speed from here on out, thank-you for that little bit of wisdom to those who are older than me . Needless to say my day … Continue reading

Going to the fair

Hip Hip Hooray we’re going to the fair today! On Saturday hubby and I took the very excited littles to the county fair, we have been able to do it every year since the oldest was 8 months old. Next year though will be different, I have a feeling they will be wanting to ride all the … Continue reading

July 4th

Happy July 4th I hope everyone had a safe and memorable July 4th and was able to enjoy some down time with family and friends. I went to see my sweet littles today and believe me they were very sweet with all the candy and sugary foods that they consumed. I made the wreath on … Continue reading