Restyling my Garage Sale finds

Don’t you just love summer time? I just love the laid back feeling the food on the grill and of course all the lovely garage sale finds. Everyone knows that wonderful saying,” One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” In this case though it’s a woman buying wonderful treasures, hubby thinks it’s just more crap sneaking into the house and camping out in his garage heehee. My latest find was this antique linen dresser or is it called a sideboard? Either way I paid $15.00 for it, loaded it up in the truck and gave it a fresh coat of paint and it now is camping out in my craft room.

DSC00783As you can see it didn’t take me long to fill up the top, the drawers are calling out to me for “fabric“. It takes everything I got not to run to the store and give into the dresser’s demands! That same day I bought a couple of old frames for $3.00, one for me and one for my daughter (remember ladies when you do a craft you might as well plan ahead because you know the daughter is always going to want the same thing.) The frames still had their original canvas in so that really helps when you make this chalkboard project.

DSC00782Sorry about the blur, my camera gets out of sorts sometimes. I added burlap and muslin flowers along with a few buttons. I think I’m going to write a weekly inspiration on it or a word of advice, believe me I got plenty of that, at least that’s what my adult children say. (they must think I am so smart to be so full of advice and wisdom!) My last project cost me a whopping $2.00 at the dollar store. I bought 2 pool noodles from the Dollar Store, of course one for me and one for the daughter. They are perfect to make wreaths out of.

   DSC00780I used burlap to wrap the wreath and made some different gingham and muslin flowers. A perfect July 4th wreath

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