Pillow case dress minus the pillow and case!

I must confess I am not a fan of the pillow case dress, they just don’t appease my fashion snobbery for kids. Yes, I know a little bit about fashion even if I do dress in sweats and don’t brush my hair, I am just trying to make my own fashion statement. When my daughter approached me about making a couple of dresses I just cringed, she had bought one and it was so cheaply made that I just had to figure out how to make it look like it wasn’t  just going to hang on the littles. Let us proceed to door I mean picture number 1.may 2013 075I lined the dress to give it the body that it needed (this process really helped with the fullness) and instead of putting the ribbon around the neck for the drawstring I made the drawstring with contrasting fabric. I put on a ruffle and made panty covers and it made the outfit look a little more chic. Still not a fan of the pillowcase dress although I do like mine better than the one my daughter bought.

may 2013 060Here is sweet Velly sporting her pillowcase dress (cringe) and looking fabulous in her rain boots on a very sunny day! She is the only child I know that wears her swimsuit  with her rain boots on heehee. That is her Momma in the background laughing, most likely at her daughters’ oddity.

may 2013 006Forgot to mention, when you put the lining in don’t sew the lining in at the bottom of the dress but just put a hem in it, the dress will flare out nicely. I hope this helps someone before they start to make their own pillowcase dress. Remember it’s the little embellishments that you could add to make nice even nicer. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

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