Lazy days’ of Summer

Just wanting to post a couple of pictures of my darling littles and what they have been doing this summer and of course the clothes that I enjoy sewing for them. I first want everyone to see how big the little guy is getting, I have a feeling he is going to be a buffalo in a few months. I don’t sew for him yet, and it is also hard to find a pattern that I like. Does anyone have any cute ideas for little guys?

june 2013 068Holy-Moley he is looking like my hubby, isn’t it funny how you could look at a baby and see this person or that person in them? That is our little guy Julian. The little girls have been busy as you can see by the next picture.

june 2013 092june 2013 094Yes they are pulling all the petals off of my rambling roses they proceed to throw them in their pool or their sand box or mix them in a bucket of water and sand to make potions. It has been about 2 weeks since this picture was taken and they have managed to pluck all of the petals off faster than a swarm of Japanese beetles! They are just so darn cute though and it really is hard to say no to them (maybe they are going to be scientists and this silliness is just the beginning of all those experiments that they will be doing or maybe they will be vintners and are practicing picking grapes heehee). All in all they are having fun and keeping busy! Now to the dresses the younger one is wearing  a dress I made for her birthday, the fabric had nursery rhymes on it and I used Simplicity 9784. The older one is wearing fabric that has Little Red Ridinghood on it, I picked it up at Jo-Anne Fabric, so sweet for a little girl with an obsession for Little Red. I used Simplicity 1793, don’t you love the back?

june 2013 049Here is  the front, I feel that I should have embellished the front of the bodice just a wee bit more, maybe the next time I sew with this pattern again. She is such a picture ham!


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