Junk Finds or Shabby Chic Treasures?

DSC00767 DSC00769

I went garage sailing this weekend and picked up on a few wonderful buys, they are wonderful to me but my hubby see’s the word “work.” Why can’t men just see the potential of an item before they say anything? Whenever I go to a sale I always have a vision of what I want and what I could turn the item into. I have been wanting an old china cabinet for the longest time and if you see them redone they are asking for a pretty penny. I found this cabinet for $15.00 but if you know the hubby he wasn’t going to pay that, so he ended up paying $10.00! I know, I know sometimes I want to crawl in a hole when he starts to bargain.

After we got it home, he announced it had to be sanded (well I thought good luck with that) he proceeded to tell ME how to go about doing it, well I needed all the luck I could get because I never did such a preposterous job in my whole life! I just bought the stuff, brought it home and hubby does the work. I thought my arm was going to fall off and after all that work he said it needs a primer coat, I wasn’t for sure if he thought I needed practice to go into the furniture business or restoration work but I ended up with that job too, I kept saying “pinterest says you don’t have to sand or primer. You know men, they do something their way for years and no one like pinterest is going to tell them differently. The next day he did the main painting and redid the handles and the grid work in the windows.         


Well what do you think? I think she is beautiful myself and I learned a lesson in the restoration business, NEVER AGAIN!

I also got this poor run-down doll house noticed I didn’t say buy because there was no money transaction on this piece the word free comes into play. I was looking at it and the lady selling said, “If you want this, just take it.” My lucky day, that is until I got home and my luck ran out with the refinishing of that cabinet. Heehee. My son took one look at it and just said “why?”  Well of course you know what my answer is going to be, “it was free.” I think it is going to turn out just beautiful and I will keep you posted. By the way there won’t be any sanding to this job, I guarantee you.


Now to my final spurge; I did buy a couple bags of clothes for the littles’ that my daughter was pleased with (important to please daughters, they take care of you in your old age) and I also got a few other items but it is this last splurge that sent me into a high-five moment.

DSC00775You have to be a fabric junkie to understand this feeling of euphoria. My granddaughter wants to be Little Red Ridinghood, when I say “wants to be,” I mean she literally wants to be Little Red. My hubby and I are always the wolf whenever we play, (ironically our last name is Wolfe). I bought enough red fabric for her to wear a cape until she is 18, so if you see an odd young lady in a red cape in about 15 years, remember it is only my granddaughter and she hasn’t got over her obsession yet. The fabric is heavy and hubby only paid $3.00, the other fabric is a white flannel that he paid $2.00. I am making the littles’ diapers for their babies and the lining calls for white flannel. There is enough flannel to diaper 50 dollies. Maybe they will play with dolls until they are 18. (that might  be a little odd) All in all it was good day, hmmm I wonder what treasures I will find next weekend? I know this for sure, NOT ANOTHER CHINA CABINET!

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