Nursery Rhyme Birthday Party

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So Sorry That I have not been able to post sooner but I have been trying to get ready for my Granddaughter’s birthday. She is now officially 2 years old and I just dislike them getting older. I want them to stay little for as long as possible. I put together a nursery rhyme birthday for her, and my daughter never cares what I plan as long as she knows about it. (I love to be in control, heehee). All the decorations were painted and done by Moi’, the sweet table was also my responsibility and my daughter does all the food and drinks. I made her birthday dress from a pattern called The Junebug dress,and ironically she lives on Junebug Lane; ironically again, the street was named after my Aunt June, whose husband had put in the subdivision and my daughter and son-in-law bought one of their houses! Yes, I just went off on a tangent, so let me collect my thoughts before I zoom out again. Heehee! You could find the dress pattern here.  And the apron embroidery pattern came from here! Her dress was such a huge success with each one of the sites that I used. Isn’t technology wonderful? We could get a pattern on line and get the whole dress done in a few hours. My embroidery took a little longer, as a matter of fact, it took a lot longer but it was worth all the hours that I put into it. I had blogged earlier of the dress that I had made for the 3 year old, her dress was made to match her sister’s for the party.

DSC00739 DSC00722 DSC00721

The humpty Dumpty on the fireplace along with Mary and her little lamb and Mary Mary Quite Contrary were all made out of wood that I had painted. Mary’s flowers are pom-poms on a stick. The little’s thought they made wonderful wands! I used my cricut machine to cut out the silhouette on the banner that is hanging on the  fireplace.



My youngest son and I worked on these frames together.  He printed out the nursery rhyme poem and I cut out the silhouette on my cricut machine. The frames I got for free, painted white and added fabric buttons. So very sweet.

DSC00732 DSC00733 DSC00731DSC00736

The Humpty Dumpty on the wreath, tree and the cake were paper mache eggs that I had bought at Hobby Lobby a few years ago for an Easter project that I never got around to. ( I think I might be a procrastinator). “It is better to have crafted than not crafted at all”. I actually  just made that quote up but it is good to save anything that you don’t use for another time.

DSC00730 DSC00735 DSC00713 DSC00702

The Three blind mice pattern came from here. Aren’t they just so cute? I’m going to use them for pincushions. It kind of makes me feel bad that they will be getting poked with a needle.

DSC00745 The little guy in the pink hat is actually the girl’s new baby brother who is just shy of being 2 months old. My daughter now has 2 girls and our new little fella’.

DSC00727I hope you enjoyed our party and are able to incorporate it into your own party.

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