Knot dress

Happy Mother’s Day

The little’s came over and it is always so delightful to see them, it was a beautiful day and the sun was out what more can we ask for? Both girls are wearing a dress that I had made. The youngest little girl I had to make the pattern on my own, just a basic A frame dress. The Older one, her pattern came from McCall’s 6387, a knot dress. I love the material, it looks like vintage sewing patterns .

May 2013 013

Of course they needed their headbands to match their outfits. The youngest is obsessed about wearing jewelry, she sometimes wears 7 necklaces at a time. May 2013 035Here they are posing in front of their play-house, this play house was given to my daughter (their Mother) 26 years ago, she will be 29 just shortly, either she is getting old or that play house is. My Dad built it for her and called us and said “I built Elizabeth a doll house,” so we go over to his house to pick it up. As you can see it wasn’t a doll house but a play house!

May 2013 017

Don’t ever ask a toddler to look at the camera when a pack of birds are flying over head. Guess who won out?

May 2013 075

This is the embroidery that I did on one of the aprons, a little girl laying on her belly and trying to thread a needle. It was the perfect addition and completed the dress quite nicely if I do say so myself.

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