A little bit of pink and a little bit of gray!

April and May 2013 394 April and May 2013 395

April and May 2013 398 April and May 2013 408

I made the little’s these new dresses and as you can see in the pictures, their good for dancing and twirling in. Maybe that’s what I need, a new outfit to get me dancing, twirling and moving (Aaaah It sounds too much like exercise)I’ll just wear my old clothes and hope they don’t get any funny ideas about to much movement. HeeHee. The older one is made from McCall’s 6594, I added the bodice front, changed the sleeves, put on a pocket and added the ruffle to the bottom of the dress. Yes, I almost completely changed the whole dress, but isn’t that what your suppose to do when you buy a pattern and you just aren’t completely agreeable with? I made this pattern  for her a couple of months ago but I actually made it shorter so she could wear a pair of ruffled pants that I had made to go with the outfit. The youngest is wearing a pattern that I had gotten for free at a garage sale, because they were unsure whether or not all the pieces were there. Guess what? They were all there and accounted for, yaaaaa! The dress is Simplicity 9784, this is the third dress that I made out of this pattern. I changed this dress by making an apron and attaching it with buttons. This dress has a sweet peter pan collar that I love on little girls dresses, it always makes me reminisce about simpler times.

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