May Day Surprises




Before May 1 even peeped around the corner I would tell the little’s the story of May Day and how people knock on your door and run away but leave a present that always included flowers. The 3  year old kept getting it confused with St. Patrick’s Day and leprechauns sneaking into the house and leaving a bag of golden money.( Unfortunately it is only the chocolate kind).


My hubby (a.k.a. Pa)  and I put these May Day baskets together. Being the thrifty and frugal woman that I am all of it was 75%-90% off after Easter except of course I put together their flower headbands at the last minute. The gardening gloves are actually for toddlers and they come in a package of 2.


Now to wait for our little girls to call us and tell us someone left a present for them on the porch.


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