Nursery Rhyme Birthday Party

So Sorry That I have not been able to post sooner but I have been trying to get ready for my Granddaughter’s birthday. She is now officially 2 years old and I just dislike them getting older. I want them to stay little for as long as possible. I put together a nursery rhyme birthday for her, … Continue reading

Knot dress

Happy Mother’s Day The little’s came over and it is always so delightful to see them, it was a beautiful day and the sun was out what more can we ask for? Both girls are wearing a dress that I had made. The youngest little girl I had to make the pattern on my own, just … Continue reading

Snow White dress

This is the pattern that I was talking about the other day, where I cut down McCall’s 6594 to make it look more like a shirt then a dress. I suppose you would call it a peasant shirt. The buttons on the belt are supposed to face toward the back, who knows, maybe my granddaughter … Continue reading

A little bit of pink and a little bit of gray!

  I made the little’s these new dresses and as you can see in the pictures, their good for dancing and twirling in. Maybe that’s what I need, a new outfit to get me dancing, twirling and moving (Aaaah It sounds too much like exercise)I’ll just wear my old clothes and hope they don’t get any funny ideas about … Continue reading

The leprechauns came!

My granddaughters called after they had gotten their May-day surprise and informed Pa and I that the leprechaun’s came! (They just didn’t get the whole May-day thing!) Wouldn’t it be nice if leprechaun did come to our door, knock, leave a gift and run away afterwards? I hope he would leave me new fabric along with … Continue reading

May Day Surprises

    Before May 1 even peeped around the corner I would tell the little’s the story of May Day and how people knock on your door and run away but leave a present that always included flowers. The 3  year old kept getting it confused with St. Patrick’s Day and leprechauns sneaking into the house … Continue reading

Stylin’ new clothes

 I Have been busy sewing for my sweet little, not that she is ever lacking in the clothes department. As you could tell she is a little bit of a modeling ham! All three out fits were made with McCall’s pattern 6688 except this ladybug outfit I made the top with M6688  but the little shorts … Continue reading