Little Red Ridinghood Party

This past weekend we gave our sweet little granddaughter a birthday party to honor her sixth birthday. Hubs and I can hardly believe our first ‘little’  is going to be 6, it saddens us to know that with each age comes new responsibilities and complications in life. My goodness what they are learning in kindergarten just blows my mind away! On a happier note the party was a big hit and enjoyed by all and we were blessed with perfect weather.

We stared by delivering their party clothes’ to their house in the evening before the party.

11223862_1000053756682885_4536293711593262639_oBaskets of goodies from Mimi and Papa to transform 2 little girls and 1 little guy into,



    2 Little Reds and 1 Big Bad wolf

 made the capes out of velvet and lined them. The littlest ‘Red’ and Mr. Wolf was made from Simplicity 2571 and big ‘Red’ was from Simplicity 1348, they were easy peasy to make not Mr. Wolf though, he had to have a face appliqued to the hood.

12189138_1000054210016173_6668295510129418520_n                   “Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go.”


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There is nothing but joy in my heart to see my littles enter my house with their child like wonder and enthusiasm. They know it is their special day and all Birthday goodness is theirs to enjoy with their siblings.

Sometimes Birthday goodness is for the adults too! HeeHee

12138455_1000054953349432_6163573811597552208_oThis party I used some of the pom-pom’s from previous parties, it’s all about reusing and finding junk to redo.

My daughter and I found the circles at Hobby Lobby with monograms on them and they were only $2.50, a whole lot cheaper than canvas. Ta-da new paintings that will most likely be used in their bedroom. The house I got at a garage sale and resides in the Nursery. Mushrooms were from the last party and just made out of bowls from the Dollar Tree store.

Doesn’t everyone have a woodsman come to parties? Just my son-in-law in his full glory, (it’s called crazy). Hubs made the house and I made the little people. The mushrooms are made out of toilet paper rolls and cardboard lids.

12188150_1000055073349420_5772481557184499102_oI made the acorns out of caramel  and Tootsie rolls, this party we actually saved money on the cupcakes, Hubs made them instead of buying them. Cha-ching, more money in my pocket!

12063372_1000056296682631_1931596955618846047_nI made the cupcake topper from ‘Word’ and glued it to a Chinese chopstick.



I wanted to buy a full-blown wolfe wolf costume but this is where the word “realistic” comes into play, what would I do with it afterward? I think the ‘Littles’ would of liked to be chased around the yard in it, sooooooooo I compromised and here is the Big Bad Wolf in his $3.00 mask. I’m shaking in my boots!

We can’t have a party without games! My daughter and I put together a game that plays like Candyland but we called it “Off to Grandma’s”, we painted 28 squares that led from my backdoor all the way to their play house. Each team consisted of the person reading the cards and their pawn, the one jumping on the squares.

 The crazy woodsman was the winner of this round!

We threw hoops over the mushrooms and

 played a few rounds of miniature golf.


My family and I thank-you for visiting another Birthday and we leave with a Birthday Blessing over our granddaughter

Lord, we ask that you would bless our Granddaughter, Gianna, on her Birthday and we ask that you would protect and guide her as she continues along the path that you have chosen for her. Give her courage to follow you and feel your love wherever she goes.

Make her strong and give her strength to make good decisions in the coming year. Keep her free from all illness and may she only know joy and happiness. We ask blessings now and everyday of her life.

In your name we pray




Off to Wonderland


Our sweet ‘little’ turned 4 in the “Merry of May” and all she wanted was an Alice party and of course Mimi and Pa had to oblige to her every wish. Well maybe not every wish because she asked for a swing set (she has a fairly new one) a motorized car (she has a new one) and a new deck (go figure that one out!) But if we could give her a grand “Alice” party so be it !!!!!!

 With further ado, here is Tweedle Dee or is he Tweedle Dum (either way he is a Tweedle) to introduce you to our little Alice, also known fondly to her family as Giavella A.K.A as Velly.11017035_1624320621113027_8582989250568513145_nLadies and Gents (drum roll please) here she is the newest and the sweetest Wonderland Star.


 Our sweet little Alice will now take you to her own wonderland, please strap yourself to a chair because everyone knows you fall down rabbit holes, play croquet with a queen who likes to take heads off and could inhale smoke if you stand too close to a caterpillar that smokes a hookah! (There was no hookah smoking during the production of this party, Heehee)


 Please follow the white rabbit and by all means don’t be late, rabbits find it extremely rude of people to be late for a very important date. Hubs and I made everything out of wood and painted it, we are hoping to get a little more use out of it because a certain “little” wants a “Mad hatter cocktail tea party and for that reason you will not see the March Hare, Mad Hatter or the drunken mouse at any of the party.

Before the “littles” came in they had to drink the magic potion to make them small, they are the little wax bottles filled with juice, we found them at the Dollar Tree store. I just love going in there and snooping to see what fun things we could use for parties-especially since I am the Queen of Cheap, I mean frugal, Heehee. Can you imagine to my Hubs and I surprise when we looked out the window and seen Cheshire Cat and the Mad hatter, I thought maybe him and I drank a little too much out of those wax bottles, Heehee.  Hubs and I bought Velly her Alice dress and my daughter decided to get whacky (maybe she also drank too much out of those wax bottles!) and buy everyone a costume.

10371487_1624314967780259_5852091821598664054_nOff we go to “Wonderland” and to the magical world of singing flowers, butterflies that talk and mushrooms that make you large or small.


Hubs and I usually greet the “littles” at the door but this time we wanted them to walk into the party on their own and figure out how to get into the enchantment.

Hubs and I put the rabbit hole up that morning before they came, we just couldn’t figure out how to do it without putting a lot of money and time into it. We cut out a hole out of a large piece of cardboard and then ran to the store and got a brown plastic tablecloth. The whole kit and caboodle cost us $1.00 for the table-cloth and the fame on the door cost us $3.00 at a garage sale that I painted.



Everything came from the Dollar Tree store, even the rabbit chair covers, I just had to add the red bow, eyebrows and Hubs cut the glasses out of PVC piping. The mushrooms are red bowls from the Dollar Tree with pom-poms taped on and a carpet roll for the base. I wanted the scene where Alice comes upon the singing flowers.

And the flowers ask ……….

” Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?”


She has a cheesier grin than that Cheshire Cat.

We decorated outside also, the day was going to be beautiful so Hubs and I added a few streamers the night before. We thought we would eat outside but it was a little to hot. As you could see Alice couldn’t have had a better birthday, the sky was a beautiful blue and all the flowers and trees were growing.

The “Mome Raths” were out.

The “littles” got to visit some of their favorite characters……..

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We played a wild game of flamingo croquet which Hubs made out of leftover wood and I painted and added feathers to the top of their heads.

If you are seeing 2 Alice’s it’s because Hubs and I bought the other little girl an Alice dress. We knew there would be a lot of tears and fighting over one dress. (Nothing like a good kitty cat fight).



We got a visit on the playing court of our favorite cat……..

And of course we can’t have a party without the sweet, dear “littles” bombarding Uncle Daniel with anything they could get their hands on. This party it was the blow up flamingos that were so intricately placed around the yard.


Are you getting the full extent of my “little’s” sweetness? By the way, inflatable flamingo’s heads and legs will come off if they are used as weapons.

Flamingos are also quite lovely when they are swimming in a yummy drink


We watched the movie at Uncle Daniel’s movie theatre.

Or we tried to watch the movie as the little girls wanted to get up close and personal. They made a better door then a window!

Happy Birthday Giavella!

22689_1624316831113406_1006862922747768855_nTake time to stop and smell the flowers

10247250_1624318924446530_4690602739257134027_nKnow that you are loved…………

and may all your dreams come true!

From my house to yours, we hope that you visit Wonderland this summer!


Let the Wild Rumpus Begin


” Back in March, Hubs and I gave the “baby monster” a birthday party to honor and celebrate his second year of life and just by the title I am sure you were able to guess what kind of party it turned out to be. When my daughter, Elizabeth, found out what kind of party it was going to be she was a little distraught, “The book is stupid! The child in the book is bad,” and my favorite “It’s going to be too hard to decorate,” so on and so on but once I get my teeth heart into a project I just can’t let go. You think my daughter would have learned that by now. I fell in love with “Where the Wild Things are” as a child and read it to my children (obviously my daughter wasn’t paying attention when I read). To all those who believe in the power of imagination and allowing fantasy come to life read on.

I remember reading this book as a child and wanting to get into that boat and go far, far away , a place that I could do as I please a place without adults and no matter how different you are you’re accepted.  Well, now I am an adult and I want to get in that boat and still do as I please but alas my boat hasn’t come for me yet and when it does I’m going to release the wild thing in me and have a wild rumpus. HEEHEE

Let the Wild Rumpus begin!

11051206_1611702962374793_8974673438616724593_n 11138518_1611703905708032_5496796393312515102_n

No party will ever be complete without the new party clothes that Mimi (that’s me) bestows upon those precious littles. The littles know that their invitations have to be delivered before they come to the party.

Yes, Elizabeth, imagination is alive and well in your home!

What a dreary world we would live in if we didn’t dance to music that only we heard and the veil of imagination was torn from us.

11168077_1611704219041334_8235329938088893113_nThe sweet littles about to enter the party (maybe if I click my heels 3x, spin around 2x and spit on the ground once, along with saying “don’t grow up” they’ll stay small with their childlike faith).
I used McCall’s 6387 for Vella’s dress and embroidered on the apron, Gianna’s coat was from McCall’s 6282, I made the crowns from a double layer of wool felt and fake fur. The birthday boy, who isn’t in the picture must have been lurking elsewhere seeing what he could get into!

That very day at ‘Julian’s party’ a forest grew and grew-until his ceiling hung with vines and the walls became the world all around. I used brown crepe paper for the ceiling and the trees and vines were made out of butcher paper. Hubs bought outdoor carpeting which really makes the room pop.

“Then from far across the world he smelled good things to eat.”



The desserts and candy were in greens and brown, this is the littles favorite hangout spot. There is nothing quite like gorging oneself on sugar and sweets. Queen Velly is a girl after my own heart, it’s all about the sweets!


I buy old canvas paintings at garage sales and repaint them into new art work, I’m sure these will end up in “baby monster’s” bedroom.11148589_1611705815707841_1319109667662846597_n

“And the wild things roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws.”


Gianna was in full character by roaring and showing her terrible claws. I just adore those skirts that I make for her, they are so easy peasy to make.


11169863_1611704882374601_5195298835396935054_n11173388_1611704415707981_6066265709747177176_n“And he sailed back over a year and in and out of weeks, and through a day, and into the night of his own room, where he found his supper waiting for him, and it was still hot.”


“So he gave up being the king of the wild things.”

And Max the king of all wild things was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him best of all.

What was waiting for him when he got home? A hot meal and the love of a Mother. Yes, dear daughter no matter how naughty or disobedient our children become, or seas and roads they travel at the end of the day they are still our children and we accept them and love them with open arms and a hot meal, for there is no greater love then that of your family and that dear daughter is the sum total of the book!

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C.S Lewis once quoted, “A children’s story which is only enjoyed by children is a bad children’s story.” 


Happy Birthday Julian and remember that you will always have a warm meal and the love of your own sweet Momma to come home to, no matter what road or seas you travel.

But the wild things cried out, “oh please don’t go -We’ll eat you up -We love you so!

Frozen Party

DSC_0241This past fall we enjoyed the magic of giving our sweet little a “Frozen” party, she had informed me that the party needs to be special and when I asked her “what is so special about turning 5?” she replied “I’m going to learn how to drive.” Just a little FYI she hasn’t got behind the wheel yet and that goes for the 2 wheeler too! We are all safe so far. This party all started out this past spring when I went to a garage sale that had silver and blue wedding supplies for sale, wellll one thing led to another and the”Frozen” party evolved!

DSC_0758Now that everyone and their brothers have been informed she is 5, let us all “Keep calm and let it go.”

DSC_0327That’s me keeping calm, it probably was due to the blue chilled martinis my daughter made. {Heehee, Hiccup}. My life became completely consumed with this party and I couldn’t “Let it go” without showing the pictures. I could only hope the pictures send “chills” down your spine and “freezes” you to your chair just don’t drink those martinis or you won’t finish this blog. Heehee. This party we changed things up a little, my daughter picked up their new party clothes and put them out so that they would wake up to PRESENTS. My daughter bought this huge roll of wrapping paper at a garage sale and it didn’t go to waste, all their gifts were wrapped in it.


Hubs and I also bought their party clothes this time, those of you who know me  know that I just can’t resist sewing for those sweet littles, this party I just couldn’t resist buying.

DSC_0299I did make the birthday girl’s skirt out of the sweetest snowflake fabric due to the fact that I couldn’t find a skirt to match the color of her shirt “sew” it was off to the drawing board to whip up a pattern. Why can’t life just be easy peasy? 

DSC_0308  For some reason we didn’t get good pictures of our girly girls posing in their new clothes together but together or apart they are little girls who prove that sisters stick together (like Anna and Elsa) that is until their claws come out and they act like she cats.


I bought this life-size cardboard standup off of Amazon, I believe I’ll being getting my money’s worth out of it though, once Disney comes out with the sequel the 3-year-old will want a Frozen party.

The entrance to the house was spectacular for a certain little girl to make her entrance. Hubs cut out all those snowflakes and letters along with Olaf and I just added the paint. I don’t even want to know what the neighbors were thinking but I know what the birthday girl was thinking though and it’s the stuff that melts a Mimi and Pa’s heart. Believe me when I say her grand entrance was not very lady like and the screaming was heard all over town.


To begin with I bought the Chinese lanterns and the snowflakes on the ceiling at the Dollar Tree store along with the hoola hoop that was transformed into a chandelier bling. My daughter picked up the plate chargers at a garage sale and all the bows tied around the chair were used at her wedding reception. ( I think I’ll keep them so that the little girls could use them at their reception) I think there is a name for my thriftiness but I just can’t think of it right now. Heehee

DSC_0319Back in July my daughter and I went  shopping and found the castle at Michaels, they were unfinished bird houses well tada they are now a finished Anna and Elsa castle. I bought the trees at a garage sale and painted them silver And while the paint was still wet I threw on glitter.

DSC_0347  The dessert table held some of my families favorite fall comfort food, taffy apples and popcorn balls. Yum-Yum! The icicles on the table and all around the ceiling came from a garage sale along with the silver branches (it’s all about thinking ahead) I made the medallions on the wall and Hubs and I made the castle, it’s all 3 dimensional and took us a long time to figure out the proportions.

DSC_0311 The candy table was a complete hit along with the white ice cream cone trees, the beautiful white boa tree came from a garage sale.

This was how I left the room for Christmas and I will be leaving some of it up until we have another party on February 1, I’ll just add a little bit of red and things that “waddle” be on the look out for that event, hopefully the waddlers don’t escape from their cages beforehand.

I just love-making their birthday hats and they actually want to wear them!

Let the games begin

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Games never seem to go as planned with our littles, the game was a simple game, find the blue gems in all the snow. The next thing that is happening is the baby monster wants in the middle of all the snow the dog wants to lay in it and the girls start throwing and shoving itchy snow down my back. Simple game? Not hardly!

Let another simple game begin

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The name of this game was the first one to fill their containers by picking up the snow AKA marshmallows with Chinese chopsticks is the winner, wellllll it started out nice and then the dog wanted to eat the marshmallows and the kids started to throw the “snow.” Needless to say if you would have peeked into my fence at my yard  you would have seen mini ninja warriors screaming and dogs running around eating their fill of snow.

Ummmmmmm another game?

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Hubs and I made the cutest buckets, all went well for about 7 minutes until the mini ninjas decided their Uncle Daniel needed to feel the full force of a snowball thrown at him. At least I could say I have the cutest ninjas!

 After games, dinner, unwrapping presents and eating cake my sweet littles were exhausted so were Mimi and Pa, can’t lie about that. From my family to yours: “Keep calm and let it go!”



Back to School Bash

The new school year has started and summer has completely flown the coop along with my precious little chickies who are both preschoolers. This post is about 9 weeks late and my sweet little’s are that much older, boo-hoo! Hubs and I decided to give them their back to school party, of course we decided to send them off to school accordingly, not with pencils, crayons and writing tablets but with love, sweets and a whole lot of fun.

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“The Hunger Game”

My daughter sent some pictures to me recently and I got the giggles looking at them. I am not a fan of the “Hunger Games” and I could truly say with all honesty I haven’t read any of the books or seen the movie but I could relate to what the “hunger Games” are all about in my daughter’s family:

The boy is hungry and wants his lunch!


The beasts’ think they are hungry and want the boy’s lunch.


Now the name of the game is to see who could actually get more food in their stomachs and walk away being completely satisfied with the lunch.

1. The boys challenge is to keep the food on the plate and out of the mouths of the three beast.

2. The beasts’ opposition is not only each other but they have to keep an eye on the Momma who keeps yelling, “no, no!”


The question that arises, does “no, no” go to the boy throwing the food or the beast gobbling it up? Stay tuned for the sequel when the boy learns to maneuver his eating utensils and the beasts go into decline from lack of human food and the Momma no longer yells “no,no.”


Paperdoll Party

 This post is going out late and I mean extremely late, but it is better to be late than sorry. The proper etiquette for this situation is to just say, “Sorry,” and move on. Now that I have poured out my heart wrenching soul with much anguish and torment, let’s get on to the post. 

Back in May our sweet little Velly turned 3 and I decided to give her a paper doll birthday party. It was an appropriate party for a certain little girl who changes her clothes about 9 times a day. She is now hiding in the closet changing so her Mama doesn’t see her with another outfit. Sooner or later she has to come out of the closet and her Mama isn’t that “etched in the head” to know that she’s changed again. I have heard of “closet eating”, “closet smokers”, and even “coming out of the closet” but this little one has hit an all time peculiarity at least her eccentric behavior puts her in a class all her own and it’s called UNIQUE. OOOHHHHHH I’m a Mimi to a unique “closet changer.”

Hubby delivered the invitations to the little’s house on the day of the party, but this time he decided to visit them first. Before hubs left he asked the little’s if they were coming to the birthday party, the 4 year old said, “We didn’t get our invitation yet”  and he said, “well you need an invitation to be able to come.” He kissed them goodbye and ran out to the car, got their party clothes and invite and left them on the front steps. I hope hubby leaves me a flat screen TV for my sewing room or a laptop on my front steps. (Hint, Hint).


Hubby bought the littles’ candy necklaces and candy buttons for the top of their boxes. I made their invites out of paper doll cards and inside that box is their new party clothes, can’t go to a party without new party clothes.  

DSC_0612I found this paper doll and just knew it would make a perfect invitation and the colors were the perfect color and the name was perfect. It was perfect in every way just like Moi.

DSC_0600  Velly’s Invite


            Gianna’s invite           


The paper doll fabric is from the Sarah Jane line, which I absolutely adore, the fabric is very sweet and the artist recreates the simple and carefree childhood through her fabric. The pattern is from Simplicity 1472 which was an easy pattern to follow and you could put the dress together extremely fast. Sniff Sniff, boo-hoo it is so sad to see their chubby toddler arms melting, I wonder why my toddler arms haven’t melted yet. Heehee.

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 I racked my brain on this party, but it turned out sweet and very much girly-girl. I used pinterest to  find all the paper dolls and then I just enlarged them in Word. The banners all have a protective plastic over them that I ironed on. The chandelier was made out of a hoola-hoop that I bought at the Dollar Tree store and then bought ribbon and hot glued it unto the hoop. All the paper dolls that are standing were modge-podged onto wood and hubby made them into standing dolls. The frames we bought at a garage sale and hubby spray painted them white. Whenever I make any banners I always add cardboard behind the banner to give it that extra support but it also lays nicely when hung up. By the way it is July 5 today and I still have the hoola-hoop hanging up! Talking about being a procrastinator or just plain lazy. I heart this party!


This is the sweetest photo to me, all the clothes hanging are my own daughters’ they were all her own newborn clothes. It brought back such sweet reminiscing of having a young daughter of my own. The clothes most be very vintagey, because she is of a great age of 29. Hey how could that be, I’m only 29 too! I made all the flowers hanging out of tissue paper, it’s hard to find tissue paper in large packages, found mine on clearance at Wally World.

I had plans to have  “dress up” relay races, but alas the heat was too much so Hubby decided to fill up the kiddie pool and let the littles’ just enjoy their day. I think they are ready to move up to the next size pool. (Hubby if you are reading this, the next size is an in ground pool, I know how you like to move mountains to get me what I want! Just make sure the pool builders don’t leave any of those mountains of dirt in my yard. HEEHEE)

As the day comes to a close, the littles’ have been waiting patiently and with great expectation for the moment when they could finally get their chubby hands on all those presents.

Our sweet little Velly standing there so demurely and so reserved in her lady like manners.


 When presents are being opened all lady like manners fly out the window and pure chaos enters in! The end of the day and we now officially have a 3-year-old.

Happy Birthday Giavella Elizabth Carver may all your wishes come true!

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From our house to yours and all the houses in between, we hope all your wishes and dreams come true


Little Pig Party


Our sweet little guy turned one in March and my daughter was kind enough to let me host his first birthday party at my house. (Thank-you daughter for your complete trust in me). I did have a couple of requests though – no pink and nothing girlie-girl. Well not being a fan of trucks, trains or planes especially for a one year old, I decided to pick out a theme that would be suitable for his age but something his dear, sweet little sisters could enjoy as well, so on that note . . . (may I have a drum roll please………..)

pig party1Can you take a wild guess what kind of a party I gave? If you guessed “The Three Little Pigs” you are correct!! Yikes, pigs are pink so I had to take this theme party to the next level, color without too much of those pink pigs.

pig party31The welcome wreath to greet the three little piggies who will be gracing my front door to enjoy a fun and festive day. You are cordially invited to:

Julian Everett’s first birthday

My daughter told the littles to get ready for the party and the 4 year old said, “We haven’t got our invitation or our party clothes from Mimi yet.” As some of my readers know, hubby and I like to drop their invitations and party clothes off at their front door, ring the doorbell and run. We called it ding-dong piggies this time. They waited patiently for their packages and they waited and then they waited some more. If they only knew the trouble I had with one of their dresses. I had to rip out a seam and my hand slipped and oops, I ripped the whole bodice. I was so angry that I decided a trip to the library would calm down my nerves. Heehee any excuse to go to the library works for me. This will teach me to quit waiting until the very end and quit working under pressure.

pig party25The very much awaited packages finally arrived to 2 very excited little girls.

pig party27pig party28pig party29The presents were wrapped to look like bricks and I put on pink twirly suckers for pig tails. I was totally smitten with their invites, each invite had the pig number on the card to represent the birth order of the littles. When they got to our house the oldest said to me “I’m piggy number one.”

pig party44

Let the merriment begin!

piggy party46Party outfits, piggy headband with ears and my favorite, piggy noses or should they be called snouts?

pig party26I made Gianna, the oldest, the wolf outfit, the blue with white polka-dots is an American made fabric that I had bought at Joanne Fabric. (I just had to add that little tidbit just in case anyone is interested in only American made). I made her a twirly skirt with an embroidered wolf apron that is attached to the skirt and I appliqued a white shirt.

piggy party45The younger of the little girls is Giavella, who is just the sweetest little pig all adorned in her piggy ears and her pig tails. I embroidered the three little pigs on her dress. Her dress is from McCall’s 6688, which by the way is an easy pattern to sew.pig party6pig party30The birthday boy is a blond hair, blue eyed cutie who received an appliqued t’shirt with his initial on the house and a wolf going down the chimney.

pig party32Oh my, will you just look at my sweet littles, they just melt my heart. I am soooooo unbelievably blessed to be their Mimi. The Lord knows the desires of our hearts and he knew my hubby and I wanted to be Grandparents in the grandest way.

My youngest son helped with the decorating and putting up the streamers. I think he should go into business hanging up streamers because he did such a fantastic job.

pig party11As you can see I respected my daughter’s wishes and didn’t have a lot of those pink pigs. I focused on color and the Disney pigs. I painted the canvases if anyone is wondering. The banner is illustrations I found off of the web. pig party23

pig party35piggy party39pig party34A co-worker had pulled these plaques out of the garbage and I painted them white and added these Disney illustrations. The pink piggy banks I bought at Target for 25 cents. I bought 6 of them and I didn’t “break the bank.” Heehee, no pun intended!

pig party 41I also pulled this frame out of the garbage at work and just added another Disney illustration, as you noticed all the illustrations are vintage. I bought the pink twirly pig tails and the gummy pigs off of Amazon.

pig party19Another co-worker pulled out some foam boards out of the garbage at work and I was able to cut them out and paint them into pigs and the big bad wolf, I painted the pigs a peach color and attached them with string and put them on the treat table.

pig party22Hubby had Walmart make the cake and it turned out so sweet and the cake was actually delicious. I am a sweet hog so any type of cake, cookie or pastry is fine to me.

pig party13My daughter made the piggy cupcakes, she did a wonderful job  and they were very tasty. She also made chocolate covered bacon with pistachios, which I could not leave alone. Who would ever thought such a combination would taste so good.

pig party24Hubby and my son made the houses for the party, and they were a very big hit with the littles.

pig party5The house made out of straw was shredded paper that I got at work and the sticks were collected in the woods. FREE, FREE, FREE! I love that word! We used a spray on glue to hold the shredded paper.  My husband and youngest son, Corey, did a very good job on making the houses!

pig party38

The brick house was paper that I ordered off of Amazon. I was going to paint the bricks on but time was running short. Where does the time go?  I know I was lacking in that department.

pig party33I bought these houses for Velly’s second birthday. she had a nursery rhyme birthday party, who would of ever of thought I would be using them this year for a prop. The brand of toys are made by Melissa and Doug, highly priced toys but they are usually educational and don’t fall apart easily.

pig party37

We bought some buckets at the Dollar store and spray painted them pink and  painted pig faces on them, but my new dilemma was what to throw in the buckets?

piggy party43Pink piggy felt bags, now on to the ultimate game of Piggy Buckets. This game is going to become BIG, I know people will be clamoring to get at the paten for this game. My phone will be ringing off of the wall real soon.

pig party40We also put on puppet shows, my talent for acting will also go world wide, I will become a celebrity, have my name in lights and make a ton of money, so that I could make more pig buckets!

pig party12Well at least some people take me seriously and know that I have true potential.

pig party10I was so good at saying “little pig, Little Pig, let me in” that Velly was not going to let that Wolf in the house, or her Momma has taught her so well not to open the front door to any strangers.

pig party4That’s me as the pig now, I am so good that at any moment I could play another role. I was really demoted and another actress, whom I’m not even worthy enough to wear her shoes stepped into the wolf role.

pig party9Books were read about the “Three Little Pigs” and any other version with the wolf .

pig party15My voice is so mesmerizing that even one of my dogs had to listen to the story. She ran and hid when I started to growl like a wolf!

pig party16Pin the tail on the Pig.

pig party17Velly decided she would rather wear the bandanas as a babushka and not wrap it around her eyes. She is so in tune to fashion that I think Ralph Lauren will want her on his fashion team. Such glamour, such magnificence, “Okay Velly we’re playing pin the tail on the pig can we have the bandana back?”

pig party7We started out a game of herd the balloon pigs to the fence and it ended up with our sweet littles in a frenzy of slaughtering the balloon pigs. 

pig party20Last but not least there were the presents to open. I just love polka-dots and when I saw this at the Dollar General I knew the paper would tie in with all the decorations.

pig party 2As usual, Momma has to open the presents and baby’s more interested in the box . I hope you enjoyed our party and you were able to capture the joy that we have for our littles. They say laughter is the best medicine to make you healthy , wealthy and wise. If that is the case :

pig party8My family is the healthiest, wealthiest and the wisest!   


Snowman Party

snowman party19This past Saturday hubs and I decided to give our littles a snowman party and the good Lord blessed us with the perfect snowy day, 3-5 inches of perfect. While I was inside putting the finishing touches on the perfect day, hubby was outside trying to snow blow the perfect snow off of the sidewalk. The good Lord’s perfectness turned into a little work for the hubs! HeeHee.

The Party started out that morning with delivering the party invitations and their party clothes-Thank God that they only live 5 minutes away to be able to do this. When hubs got to their house he had to give me a call (what did we do without cell phones?) he forgot the process. “Do I ring the bell and hand it to them or do I ring and run?” asked the dear man, “You ring and run!” says I. Oh boy the day was getting off to a rough start. 

snowman party Well at least someone found the packages interesting even if it was the dog.

snow party presentsNo I take that back, two little girls and 1 dog found the boxes interesting. Aren’t they just so cute with their curlers? Reminds me of my own sweet daughter when she was young. This is just a fun way to deliver invitation to your littles. snowman party4snowman party1My daughter called and asked if she should pack their snow suits for the snowball fight, “no dear, even that will be held inside.”

snowman party 3Our sweet Gianna posing in her new snowman outfit and her little top hat. Aren’t LaLa loopsies the greatest? They are the sweetest dolls.

snowman party 2For Giavella’s outfit I made the skirt with an attached apron and an appliqued shirt along with a pair of ruffled pants. Little girls are just so much fun to sew for. I don’t know what I am going to do when the littles get older and don’t want anymore clothes made for them. (Maybe my daughter will give us a dozen more little girls-weelllll Miss Clavel has 12 little girls in 2 straight lines, so why can’t I?)heehee.

snowman party27As you could see in this picture Velly has already tore off her top hat and her socks. Wouldn’t it be funny if we as adults went to our friends house for a party and  took off our socks and then at the end of the night put on our pajamas?

snowman party 5Here’s hubby starting to help bring in the littles, as you could see Velly is staring off into the distance at a sight that is so mesmerizing. Whatever it is has her enthralled!

snowman party 6It’s the SNOWWOMAN QUEEN! or maybe it’s a woman who is off her rocker and this snowman theme has gotten a little out of hand. No, it’s just me, Mimi.

snowman party21

snowman24Before the party started we decided to get some family photos, what better place than outside in the freezing, snowy perfect snowy day!

snowman party35

snowman party20Can you guess what my color theme was? I love the Teal and red mixture. I did everything in about 2 weeks, talking about a heart attack waiting to happen. I dreamt about snowman, I dreamt about shopping for snowman, I dreamt about snowman therapist. (Pretty bad huh?) I started to repaint any snowman I had, I made the wreath out of a pool noodle, wrapped it with teal yarn, hubby cut out a snowman and I painted. Tada a new wreath.

snowman party10snowman party41snowman party 31Hubby made these darling chairs for the littles, and I just threw on a coat of paint. Aren’t they sooooooo sweet? Thank God that I Have a hubby that gets into the parties with just a minimum amount of nudging. Could you imagine 12 of these in 2 straight lines?( Remember Miss Clavel has that many and the youngest is Madeline so why can’t I?)

snowman party28For now our youngest is Julian, whom by the way is teething and has turned into a Momma’s Boy. Sweetness is not pouring out of him right now. The poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow sums up our little fellow, “When s(he) was good, s(he) was very good indeed, and when s(he) was bad s(he) was horrid.” He was able to entertain himself and his Momma didn’t care as long as he wasn’t fussing.

julian in water Doesn’t everyone find happiness in the dog bowl?

snowman party9snowman party18snowman party11The baby might not have been to sweet but we had a sweet table to compensate. Hubby bought the cake and the containers of white cotton candy (my favorite) and the white cheddar puffs to look like snowman balls. I contributed with finding the chocolate snowman heads and the chocolate coal for  snowman buttons. ( I should have made cookies to look like buttons, maybe next year). I made up some popcorn balls and cupcakes to look like snowman and cookies with snowman on them.

snowman treatI found these individual cupcake servers that I put at each table setting along with one of the cupcakes that I made, the littles also got a container of cookies placed on their plates. I think they got pretty sugared up!

snowman table settingI put together a hot chocolate bar, nothing better to cozy up with but a warm mug of hot chocolate. This is a fun and inexpensive idea and if you only had adults you could add peppermint schnapps, Bailey or Kahlua.

snowman party 14snowman party15snowman party7I had to show my table setting, hubby bought the snowman dishes for me about 10 years ago and he bought enough just in case our family should ever grow. We are growing! That’s my oldest granddaughter in the background, Pippa Mae, she is the sweetest 4 legged, furry grandchild that anyone could ask for. HeeeHeee

snowman party22My ceiling in all it’s snowman glory.

snowman party8Hip Hip Hooray we’re having a snowman party today!

We played snowman buckets and maybe some us got more exuberant, and we all know who I mean, maybe he thought there were car keys to a new car in bucket number 6.

snowman party33

snowman party34We bowled the snowmen down.

snowman party36Some just stacked the snowmen pins and threw the ball.

snowman party25

snowman party29mom snowmansnowman party30We had a lively game of, “build a snowman out of toilet paper” The things a person could do with toilet paper!

snowman party38We played snowman bags.

snowman party39We played a game that I made, it’s like ‘cooties’ only you assemble or build a snowman made out of felt pieces. First player to build the snowman wins. I painted a wooden dice with the body pieces, so much easier for a couple of toddlers to understand.

snowmanparty26I bought a couple of buckets at Hobby Lobby and made some snowballs for a good old fashion snowball fight. Sorry we didn’t get any pictures of the littles bombarding Pa’s head.

pin the snowman bodyWe played pin the body parts on the snowman. Sorry no pictures of the littles walking aimlessly around with a blind fold on their eyes. But we bought the game at Target, in the dollar section. Would be cute made with felt also.

Last but not leastsnowman party40Snowman presents!

There is nothing more fun then to give our sweet littles’ a gift so they could remember the fun that they had on their special party day. When Gigi (Great-Grandma) asked what the presents are for, my daughter exclaimed “the snowman came!”

snowman party23From my house to yours may your next snowy day be as delightful as ours.


Blame it on the Cake

A couple of weeks ago hubby and I went shopping at our friendly one stop shopping center Walmart “and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature cake with a tiny reindeer. More rapid than eagles I flew to my cart, tore open my purse and gave out a shout, “My phone, my phone, I need to call home.” My fingers shook as I punched in the number and awoke my daughter who was in a slumber. A party, a party, is what we need and my dear daughter quite frankly agreed. To the front of the store I ran with great speed to buy that cake that was a beautiful Christmas green. Now dash away, dash away, dash away all, now we have to go shopping at the mall!”

rudy partyIt was the cakes fault, it called my name in the store and practically begged me to take it home. I knew I should of walked away but all I could think of was ” my sweet littles’ would just love a reindeer party.” And that is exactly what we did!

rudy 18

Reindeer outfits had to be made, Gianna Reindeer is sporting Rudolph while Giavella Reindeer is sporting Clariece. I bought a panel of fabric for Gianna’s skirt it had directions on it to make a soft book, well as you can see I needed a skirt and not a book! Ta-Da, soft book turned into skirt.

reindeer outfitA sweet table had to be made because sweet little reindeers’ can’t have just cake, they need an assortment of sweets.rudy 14rudy 9Reindeer surprises had to be bought.

rudy 13The main meal had to be planned.

rudy 12Thank-you hubby for volunteering on making all the homemade pizzas.

let the reindeer fun begin!

rudy 5

rudy 8‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

rudy 10Mama in her ‘kerchief’ and pa in his cap,

had just settled their brains for a long winter’s nap.rudy19rudy 11More rapid than eagles, his courses they came,

and he whistles and shouted and called them by name:

Now Dasher! Now Dancer!

Now Prancer and Vixen!

rudy 16And then, in a twinkling I heard on the roof the prancing

and pawing of each little hoof.    

rudy 6She spoke not a word, but went straight to her work.

rudy 2His eyes– how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!

rudy 7He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot.


He had a broad face and a little round belly,

that shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly.

rudy 19“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”